Shocked: All size girls becoming attractive

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by derrickogole, Jan 1, 2017.

What sort of women are you attracted to?

  1. Skinny

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  2. Slim

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  3. Curvy

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  4. Thick

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  5. Fat

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  6. All Types

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  1. When I used to watch porn I would watch only the babe category and only appreciate slim women. Not watching porn for 23 days now I am starting to get erections for women of all sizes in real life.

    It shocks me because I saw a fat girl at work yesterday and she had a pretty face. Usually I would discount her and not notice her. This time I got a massive hard-on and couldn't help it. It happened again when I was watching an interview with a chubby looking girl. I just caught a massive erection and couldn't do anything about it.

    The girl I saw at work and in the interview were probably as big as these girls.

    The more I go day by day abstaining from porn, the more I appreciate slim, curvy, thick and fat girls. I know the majority of big girls aren't healthy but I just can't help it when a fat girl gets me hard from her sense of confidence. All I want to do is jack off but I am fully abstaining.
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  2. CuriousOrange

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    Dude that's awesome. That is a clear sign that your brain is starting to reboot back to factory settings - finding real women attractive! Well done.

    I remember when I did NoFap a few years ago I saw a woman I know walking up the street and was really turned on just by the way she moved and her waist/hip size. The strange thing was, she was in her 50s and I had never looked at her that way before (or since)! Felt weird, but with hindsight a positive thing.

    Not sure you should have posted pictures here though, someone might object.
  3. Thanks for the support. I deleted the pics as I was reconsidering their effect on my brain and others viewing this thread.

    I appreciate that we are somewhat experiencing the same thing in regards to how we are perceiving women. I have also seen much older women who I wouldn't necessarily find attractive, and through abstinence, I find them highly sexually attractive.

    I made this blunt statement today 'Helen Miren is sexy' to someone while watching a movie trailer with her in it. I couldn't believe it.

    And I'll be honest, I've never found mature women attractive until I got serious about NoFap so this is seriously working in my favour.
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    Sounds you're starting to see women for women and not just for sexual reasons. Sounds like some good progress. You'll realize your view on women changes through this. The goal is to get away from being perverted and see more of a woman for her realness. Some woman who are what we used to think were 'gorgeous', are actually disgusting as human beings. Try to refrain from calling a woman 'fat' too. That's still objectifying them based solely on appearance. Not saying we can't be sexually attracted toward women. That's natural. There is just better ways to go about it and healthier ways. Those healthier ways will occur simply by staying strong on the nofap journey. One last thing, avoid looking at pictures of women (comparing and etc). That will just trigger you. Wish you the best. Good luck!
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  5. Honestly, thank you for your advice on how to keep moving forward in the journey. You mention refrain from using the world fat. There are other words to describe big women, however, some women don't appreciate the use of other words when refraining from what they actually are even if they are 'fat and beautiful.' They don't appreciate being called big, curvy or plump or thick as a substitute for fat.

    What are examples of healthy ways to show and express appreciation of a woman's appearance without objectifying them especially when their appearance doesn't conform to the societal beauty standards?

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