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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by |Arthur|, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. |Arthur|

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    I am on day 11. Recently I have been searching short dress models in google. I have also searched my fav pornstar like this “pornstar name dress”. While scrolling I saw a porn pic and I quit it immediately. After sometime, I even searched in google “pornstar name xxx” and was about to click the first link but I didn’t. I used my willpower. What you guys think ? Have I relapsed ? Or is it gonna affect my rebooting journey?
  2. It didn't. If you sneaked a peak, I'd consider putting more effort into that willpower of yours. And stop being horny. It doesn't do you any good.
  3. UnfairPhysics

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    This is your mind playing tricks on you (just google this or just one pic), I was there and one thing I can tell you is that at the end you will eventually relapse. So just forget something called porn and move on with your life.
  4. I am not sure its as simple as 'stop being horny'. OP you didn't relapse but looking stuff like that up will usually lead to one
  5. I meant stop looking things related to porn. Being horny means a lot of things.
  6. That was a common thing for me to relapse too. I never cared for full nudity so much as a dress on a woman. That drives me wild.
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    I think this would count as peeking. For instance in the conquered self war that would count as having to KIA for the war. But I don't know if that counts if you're just quitting porn and masturbation. This is normally how I fall though, because I'll peak/edge and then 2-3 hours later or 2-3 days later I'll full out fall.
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    bad sign , really a bad sign.
    This willpower game is a game with the fire, sooner or later you'll lose it.
    It is not a relapse , but it is a mental relapse.
    That's the stage before a relapse, the sign that a relapse is near if you proceed like today.

    What i suggest you is to lock safe search , block incognito mode and change DSN.
  9. {Ananta}

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    My Journal
    it depends on you, you set your own rules in your reality i guess, the more strict a person is to their self is usually a great thing
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    ur good. just dnt stroke or ejaculate and loose ur steam.
  11. Don't relay on your willpower for too long, i suggest using discipline

    Its painful, but it works. If you feel an urge, dont use your PC or your phone and do something else, if its necessary stay away from PC and phone or any electrical device of such nature all the way until urge has subsided
    You need to recognize the urge before it even gets you working, you peaked out of boredom or curiosity or whatever but either way what you did today was more or less another kind of urge trying to trick you to relapse

    Be careful

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