Should I ask my girlfriend for help?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by TiredNurse, Jul 19, 2020.

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    I’m dating this great girl who I can tell really cares about me and I care about her. Recently I’ve been feeling more apathetic towards our relationship (tho my brain knows I want to be with her my emotions are feeling less). I’ve decided to start this whole thing so I can be a better boyfriend to her. I mentioned to her one time that I had a porn addiction when we were a couple months in (at 3 and a half months now) and she seemed understanding. I guess since the problem is still persisting my question was should I bring it back up and ask her for help? I worry about hurting our relationship.
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    in my opinion.. yes it will, is a turn off for woman. keep your weeknesses to your family and friends at most. You should be her rock, not weak with a porn addiction. Keep working on nofap and figure your addiction out.
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    You can be honest with her. But do not lean on her, as it will quickly turn the taste sour from her side. She can support you, right, but leaning on her is another thing altogether. And that's on you. Idk you, so I can't say if it's gonna work or not.
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