Should I buy a fleshlight?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by cd013, Jan 23, 2021.

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    @cd013 - not sure if it's been covered in this thread, but have you watched/looked at any fleshlight p*rn material? I know that this sex toy pops up in F*md*m related genres.
    I tried thinking outside the box last year with a something similar... ultimately the idea failed for me because it was still rooted within p*rn.

    If not the case and you've researched it innocently, I would say it depends on what you wish to achieve from NoFap? As others have pointed out it is another 'artificial' form of pleasure. If that doesn't bother you and you think it would replace the more negative behaviours that go with PMO, perhaps it's ok for you.

    For most of us the goal is to regain attraction and sexual potency/confidence to satisfy a real person, so if that is also your goal, perhaps say no to the fleshlight ;-)
  2. Aléxandros

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    no man. NoFap is made to force you to go outside and find a real woman.
    You can substitute a girl with a fleshlight, as in the beginning, you couldn't substitute a girl with your hand.
    Fleshlight=masturbation, which is not equal to sex. I think it's only dumb, after 180 days of rebooting.
    You are only convincing yourself that is normal, but that isn't normal.
  3. Aléxandros

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    Yeah, different than your hand, but not a woman.
  4. Aléxandros

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    So you want a person to fuck every day or do you want a real girl to spend some moments with and have a healthy relationship?
    I can't really see what you're talking about. Is your dick talking or your brain?

    Sorry If I may sound angry, just trying to make you think about it. It's just stupid.
  5. Masturbation, but with extra steps.
  6. Aléxandros

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    Yeah, so buy after you rebooted, masturbate with a flashlight, so that all your progress will be erased in a second.
    Boom, 6 months gone, and you have a toy that is even more addictive than your hand.

    Personally, my reward after all these days of NoFap could only be some sex with a real girl. That's the only purpose of this, the main one, to have a healthy sex life.
  7. Trobone

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    Just playing devil's advocate. It really depends. If his goal is to remove pornography, then a sex toy may not ruin everything. However, it may lead back to old habits that were harmful. Everyone is different. Porn addiction and masturbation addiction are different.
  8. Trobone

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    But adding that I don't think it's a good idea to get one. I just don't think masturbation = 100% for everyone.
  9. theMotivator

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    You have to learn to limit yourself.
  10. ShowProof

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    I bought one. I would say it feels 10x masturbation and like 90% to 110% of the real thing.

    It's expensive.
    It's downgrading if you're still a virgin or can't get another girl continuing forward.
    It can make you 'addicted' more than simple masturbation.
    It's much more 'intense' in the pleasure side, it will guarantee you masturbate everytime, including getting you started on the worst thing you can do with your sexual addiction ever in any way - multiple ejaculations in succession, forced even. Even successiveejaculation is exponentially more draining and unhealthy. It's literally the difference between excessive sex and being sucked of life by a succubus...
    Also because you bought it for a ton of cash now you want to use it more.
    Simply seeing it or knowing that you have is like, damn, another weight to carry mentally. Not worth it.
    If someone finds it...well, it depends on your age but still...

    So worth it? No. In my case, I threw it after one use!! So much bloody money wasted and in this pandemic.
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  11. CodeTalker

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    that's horny reasoning. I had the same on long streak. It won't help. Pmo addiction is like a fire. Buying a sextoy is putting more wood into the fire.
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  12. Blightblaster

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    No, this defeats the purpose. It’s a masturbation tool. If you’re insanely aroused and horny all the time then your likely still in the same mindset as you were before. Your probably doing a lot of mistakes a lot of people make when attempting nofap (still watching porn, fantasying about sex, edging a lot etc)
    I remember watching a video which gave me a very good tip on nofap. Would you really give up the happiness, motivation, confidence etc you feel when doing nofap for a few seconds-minutes of pleasure?
  13. CodeTalker

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    Those "mistakes" can be really hard to avoid. Even if I'm not horny at all and let my brain in auto pilot I end up on a porn site even before realizing.
    Knowing about it isn't enough sadly.
  14. Zimzi

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    It’s better for your souls to get off to a real life woman as opposed to anything else including a flesh light. Don’t ever fall for the mind trick that get u to masturbate instead of finding a woman. The trick basically makes u think that ur sexualizing women too hard so u gotta stop doing it before u can have sex with’s dangerous. Basically means you should sentence yourself to sex alone.
  15. SandsOfTime

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    first of all it's not comfortable and who washes daily with warm water, and clean it properly..too much hygiene.
    Making satisfaction outside of the marriage (its a sin) always leads to damage on health and soul
  16. Todio

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    phew, i wont have to make a post to ask about that hehe, tks

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