Should I completely avoid Instagram?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I am on reboot now for a few days and it goes pretty well. Last evening I checked Instagram because I had a couple of new followers. Some of them were two pretty attractive women and I clicked on both their pages just to check if I know them from somewhere. Okay, now the funny part ... almost instantly, my dick went harder than a rock when I saw their pictures, but I've managed to keep my hand out of my pants. Then I closed the app, putted the phone away and did some pull-ups in my bedroom to get over the erection. So in my opinion, everything was fine.

    But does such behaviour harm the process? Does it slow it down? Should I ban Instagram completely from my phone? It is to be mentioned that due to NoFap I am currently not following any hot girls on that page, so my news feed is pretty clean. I only use it to get news about my favourite DJ's and music networks. I have read something about Dopamine rushes in the brain when I see something like that and that the purpose is to give the brain a time-out with abstaining from internet stimulation, so I am not sure if I relapsed.

    Let me know what you guys think :)
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  2. C35

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    In the past, I have ended up using pornongraphy or masturbating after looking around and becoming aroused by pictures on instagram. I’d say it’s your call, but getting rid of Instagram will “keep the battle far from the castle walls” as I like to say. Basically that means that if you remove things in your life that could make you succeptible to looking at porn or PMO in general, you will help yourself stay on track!
  3. SelfControlIsTheGoal

    SelfControlIsTheGoal Fapstronaut

    I have in the past. would recommend it
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  4. tiredofbeingtired

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    Honestly is what it would be giving you really so beneficial that it would outweigh the risk of relapsing?
  5. Yeah it’s really no good for you. You’re not with those women. Why look at pictures of them? That’s what I remind myself.
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  6. I would stay away from Instagram for now.If I were you.
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  7. TheFlash123

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    Stay away if it triggers you.
    I'll advise you to go to instagram only after 60 months as you would have recovered mostly from pmo habit.
  8. mikro313

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    My advice is to avoid all images and videos for at least the first month of these trigger you once you go back to them then you need to remove them complete but it depends on how bad you really want this
  9. already removed it :)

    and you are right, thank you for this advice!
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  10. talontron

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    yes, most girls are there to get attention by showing their bodies and face. Avoid it, it is soft porn and will release dopamine as well.
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  11. Berthold Witold

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    MAVERICK$ Fapstronaut

    Instagram is very very risky to the fapstronaut. So stay away
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  13. Just do it. A man of high will has quick, efficient power (/skill) of decision - decisive will; as well as firmness on the decision once it has been chosen.

    You already knew what people will reply with here.
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  14. Kai101

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    I just looked at P on Instagram today. Not worth it AT ALL. I disabled Instagram immediately.
  15. Jesb

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    I am starting to think I should delete the app for now. I was just looking at live feeds of people I follow and one was of a girl filming herself getting fucked by another guy. :/
  16. After a long period of No PMO you’ll find that any slightly suggestive pictures will set you going. Things that if you looked at as an addict would do absolutely nothing for you. But give it a month or so & pretty women on Instagram will be a major distraction. And then it’s a slippery slope to the bottom.
  17. Yes! Delete it. You don’t want your long streak ruined.
  18. furture doctore

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    well, in my case, i avoid to press the "discover" button, BUT i feel wired and have to stop myself every time i feel bored or have nothing to see from who i followed. so my advice, (if you don't have to see what your friends are posting everyday) just delete the thing, thats what i did. we all know what kind of pictures are put on there and definitely will become a trigger, i won't risk it. besides... there are nothing to see there anyway, if you want to learn how to photograph like i do, just download a app called Pinterest. it has a bit more healthy pictures you can enjoy.
  19. Ringing Peace

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    The reason that I sometimes go on Instagram because I am human. If I go on nofap that does not mean I don't have needs to see woman. That doesn't mean that I want to avoid women. I just don't want to watch porn or fap.
    But Instagram is in some way porn. There are so many pictures that seem like a beginning of a porn scene. That should be avoided and I try to avoid it. Still haven't relapsed.

    I am in a long distance relationship and I don't fap. I just have wet dreams and fantasies. I'm going crazy because of it. But still, I don't want to go back to watching porn. I am so proud of myself for finally doing this.
  20. crazycats

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    Well, if you are an active social media users, quitting social media is a whole different topic. Hell, people could create NoSocialMedia as well.

    The problem is NOT Instagram. It's what YOU follow.

    My suggestion is :
    - Unfollow those hot models, celebrities, and instagram influencers. At least for now.
    - If you have very hot friends (I use word "very" because well we all have hot friends) that makes you want to fap everytime you see them, simply mute their Instagram stories and posts, so you don't need to unfollow them.
    - Stop using Instagram search and Explore tab. Just focus on what you follow.
    - Block weird fake accounts that only post sexy pics
    - Every once in a while, it is worth to have social media detox. I try it for 30 days and damn it feels so good to 'exist' in real world without thinking about that woman or celebrities online

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