Should I count it as a relapse?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fondelli, May 20, 2019.

  1. Fondelli

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    Hi everyone,
    First of all I'm sorry for my bad English.
    Now I want to explain one of strangest thing happened in my life.
    Yesterday it was my birthday, I turn 25, and I drunk and smoked with all my friends.
    I'm on my longest NoFap streak, around 46 days, and once I came back home, I sat on the sofa and I was going to fell asleep, then something really strange happened, maybe because I was drunk and high at the same time, I don't know.
    I was not totally fall asleep, I was in that REM phase I think, and I started to have a lucid wet dream, I mean, when I usually have one of my wet dream, I know in the dream that I inevitably come, but this time I wasn't totally asleep.
    My heart started to jump on my chest, I could feel it, I started to pant, really hard, I had a massive erection, I was going to literally explode and have one of the strongest orgasm of my life , and all this, without any touching at all!!
    I was almost to come I knew it, so I "woke" up and I finished what it started, off course without any pmo.
    Really really strange guys, and it was going to happen again when I went to bed.
    But then, when I fall asleep I had a proper wet dream anyway.
    So that's why the title, it's a very strange situation and I want to know if I have to reset my nofap counter, I mean technically I should, but like I said I was going to explode anyway without any kind of edging. This is my longest streak and I want to keep pushing.
    Thank you guys.
  2. Nicolizer

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    I think u should just keep going..
    No need to reset..
    Because u didnt do it manually.
    So it was not counted as masturbating.. and u didnt watch any porn, right..?
    So, keep counting bro..
    Lets consider that experience as another birthday prize for u
    Very good job bro,
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  3. Fondelli

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    Thank you very much for answering, I appreciate it.

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