Should I court this girl?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by kevinkevin19, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. kevinkevin19

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    I asked my crush out, she said she would love to but is busy with her thesis. I have had a crush on her ever since she comforted me when I was having problems with school last year. Now I'm having second thoughts because she's far from what I would describe as my dream girl. Although she's pretty, smart and kind, she's not what I had in mind(my type is blonde girls and she's asian) and we have few similarities and we rarely talk in person even though we text regularly. What do you guys think?
  2. kevinkevin19

    kevinkevin19 Fapstronaut

    This is the second time I asked her out, first it was in person a few months ago(she said she was busy with community service for her scholarship), then this time it's in text.
  3. DisciplineYourMind

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    I wouldn't actively pursue it. If this is the second time she's turned you down, she obviously doesn't consider a relationship something important right now (or at least, doesn't consider getting involved with you worth the risk of sacrificing time on education).

    She is obviously very committed to her education, and values that more highly than either a relationship in general or, sadly, you. So either way, it's better to move on and find somebody that considers you worth their time and effort.
  4. kevinkevin19

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    Thank you, you made me realize once and for all that she's not worth it. She was probably trying her best to not reject me directly although I would have appreciated it if she just said no and told me directly that she's not interested at the start. I also understand that her education is more important right now which I can also relate to because it is also important to me.
  5. volt2187

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    I was in the same boat where the girl wasn't interested but didn't tell me (yet she was crazy friendly with me so she was sending me signals so I thought), so I looked like a moron trying to pursue something that wasn't going to happen. It's very frustrating but at least you know not to further pursue anything with her. If she's interested she'll make it a point not to have excuses to avoid going out.
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  6. Andrew0268

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    If you're not interested than why are you considering it?
  7. Barnabas

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    I think she, being a person, is surely worth it, but maybe you're not the one. I wouldn't write her off because she is not blond, though. Appearance should not determine someone's "type" because your partner's appearance is not the determining factor in true love. But you were bold and explicit in your expression of interest and it sounds like she was probably timid and evasive in her expression of disinterest. If she is actually not interested but afraid to say so, then right now, on both counts, you might say she is not right for you.

    I encourage you not to close any doors, though. It sounds like she was a good friend to you, and not out of a personal romantic interest. Friends like that are valuable - be a good friend to her too.
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