Should I give up on this girl?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Oct 1, 2019.

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    No means no.

    If you happen to see her being in school. I wouldn't make effort and initiate conversations. If she speaks to you, at least be civil and not engage in conversation (ie keep it brief).

    By all means, cut contact and move on.
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    So I spent 9 months chasing after a girl who told me maybe. I tried being friends, getting her on "friend dates" that weren't dates, hanging out in private and her answer was never yes, but always a bit unclear which made me feel I had a chance when I didn't. If the girl said no, it's a blessing, she isn't in to you and you have a clear answer. Back off for your sake, because she doesn't want or deserve your attention.

    Also, chasing her will make you unattractive, but if you show that you are cool and respect her wishes, and date other girls, show that you are a man with class and confidence, you will naturally become more attractive to her. Nothing hurts worse than obsessing over someone who doesn't want you back, and nothing will turn her off more than pushing.
  3. yeah that'll never happen
  4. HelplessPleaseHelp?

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    wow man. You really gave a profound answer. Are you sure it is the right solution? for someone to ask himself if there is something wrong with him? I agree that all the pick up advice suggest you to improve yourself in different areas. that is what I used to do. But I know there is a different attitude which is to "be yourself". When you are yourself you convey people that you are complete with yourself and therefore other people will drawn into you becasue of your self confidence. Isn't it?
  5. Yes, but who ARE you? You possess a unique personality, but that fails to preclude growth.

    The goal: Imagine you WERE the perfect man, whom you'd want to date your daughter. What qualities do you lack? Are you smart, but weak in body? Are you strong in body, but weak in the mind? Are you excellent at caring for others, but lack mechanical skills? Do you have great mechanical skill, but you often fail to notice that those around you require caring?

    Obviously, any man's definition of "Mr. Right" will be SLIGHTLY different than others, but there's a fairly constant thread you'll find: Strong, caring of those close to him, willing/able to use violence when necessary, intelligent without being pretentious, loving of one's mother, respectful to women (without being a simp), handy and understanding of the mechanical world, a good driver, able to make a decent income, belongs to a strong community/church/fraternal organization, looked up to by his fellow man, self-controlled, etc. etc. etc.

    What qualities of those do YOU lack? Further, what qualities do you possess that you fail to execute correctly. For example: Many men on this forum "respect women" but do so in such a way that results in their being "friendzoned." Other men on this forum buy women of the night, and really need to relearn respect for women.

    Does a man who gets friendzoned for being "respectful" measure up to his childhood image of an upright man? No.

    Does a man who buys women measure up to that standard? No.

    The point: Self-improvement.

    Improving yourself isn't acting. Any man can be better.

    Be the best YOU, and surely a woman will notice.

    However, the REAL lesson: You must be the best you on YOUR own two feet, and not care what a woman thinks. If you operate in a "I hope she notices me, Bro'" mindset, she'll pick up on your tryhard.

    Never tryhard for a woman, tryhard for yourself, and that independence will give you the greatest shot at a woman who cares/respects your manhood.
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    This right here, I 100% agree.

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