Should I go see a escort ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by AlphaAlone, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Jrmz94

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    Where did you find this escort if you dont mind me asking?
  2. need4realchg

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    @Jrmz94 why the question?

    I found them in strip clubs , brothels, on the street, online , massage parlors, spas, hotel lobbies, bars, they are everywhere where you have red light districts, beaches, tourists or business travelers.
  3. Angus McGyver

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    I would suggest (for your own mental, physical and spiritual health) you don't see an escort, although you might find it very hard to live in celibacy for some time. Because, all things considered, what do you think you would gain from of the experience that you wouldn't gain in its absence?
    You might say that "I just want to get laid and get it over with" but honestly, is that experience in itself going to solve all of your current issues, problems, or concerns just like that, overnight??
    Wouldn't it be nicer in the future (when looking back at your life) to look back at the time where you focused on self-improvement and got laid later with some woman you actually had a connection to instead of thinking back at that ridiculous time you thought about buying an escort to solve your problems, did so and later found out that all of your issues remained after the encounter?

    I was almost thinking about it 3-4 years ago and cannot (to this day) understand how I could ever consider this as an option. My issues were buried deep within and started to slowly fade away when I decided to focus on self-improvement instead. I am quite sure that no amount of sexual encounters would have been able to compensate for that effort.
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  4. King Tut

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    i met a guy who got a g/f from seeing her as an escort while she had to do it while getting through college. i also have a friend who had a 10 year relationship from meeting a guy by meeting an escort. point is, escorts are real people. and yes while these cases are rare, you still get more exposure to life and SEX than holding your own dick in your hand...
  5. King Tut

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    >guy is on NOFAP
    >sexually frustrated and needs a release
    >asks for some advice on getting an escort
    >gets a reply like the one above NOT to because his issues are buried "deep" and he will not get any "benefit" out of it

    can't make this stuff up

    remember, lads. you will NOT get any benefits out of real sex.
  6. Angus McGyver

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    So, you don't consider the option of self-improvement first and foremost as a better and more fulfilling option than buying an escort just to temporarily solve your personal issues/matters?
    The former might not be easier and requires an effort over time but will be more beneficial in the long run whereas the other will be much easier but only bring some temporary relief while the issues remain afterwards.
    So, do you consider just putting the P in the V (with a woman he has no bond or connection to) ASAP will automatically solve all of his issues overnight?
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  7. King Tut

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    no, i simply meant that seeing escorts is not as bad as people like you make it out to be. self improvement is good but could take YEAAAAAAAARS to get a girl you want, the ones you pick among escorts, or even to get a girl at all! so while you do your self improvement, which i am currently but it's hard af, seeing an escort is not a big deal every now and then. i mean, if you fapping, technically you dont need to. prob with that is, you get ZERO experience in actual SEX and with a WOMAN. but if u doing NOFAP and u got no outlet AND u have a really hard time with getting sex, what choice do u leave a man if you are against escorts? we all need a release, even if it's every few months.

    the only 3 reasons why i see why it's bad are:
    2-safety (she has a pimp, she herself may rob u, etc..)
    3-she could be an undercover cop

    other than that, it's no biggie. i knew one escort who said that she had an FBI came to see her. so she asked him if she's under arrest after he was done. he said "no. if there were no prostitutes, there would be a lot more violence in the world."

    i understand where you're coming from, though. i always thought like you and myself never seek out an escort. i cant stop thinking about how many men she fucked before me, and cant relax. probably sought out one 1 or 2 times my whole life. but i realized that it's not as big of a deal as i once thought after becoming friends with one. sure, there is a lot of dirty whores who dont take care of themselves and carry all sorts of STDs, but a lot are just normal people who take regular tests and are clean. some of them are even cleaner than regular girls you meet in clubs who have unprotected sex sometimes. it all depends on the girl.

    in the end, meeting women and connecting with them is not easy. and i dont care if some men seek out unconventional ways. most will not be honest with u because it's such a taboo thing to do and screams desperation.
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  8. goodnice 2.0

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    If you unite yourself with a prostitute, you are now one with her. How can you debase yourself like that
  9. goodnice 2.0

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    You will feel empty and so guilty and ashamed of yourself after. You’re better than that. you’re worth more than that. Cmon now man
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  10. blacklabel92

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    Fat bitches need love to Craig!!!
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  11. wethebest

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    *trigger warning*
    Have you considered going slower? Maybe the fast and "hard" thrusting isn't the best move bc 3 girls told you to stop in the same night.

    It's not porn, i dont imagine violent thrusts feel ideal for a woman irl. I've found what makes me ejaculate most is slow sensual thrusts. Then midway go faster (not harder), then it goes back onviously.

    Never harder, just let your dick do the talking. Be aware & cater to her sexual needs too. If you're hitting it & she's not having a good time then change it up. There's no need to go for 20 mins w her in pain
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  12. takingthejourney

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    exactly dont do it go find a regular girl rock her world and you will feel great sleeping with a pro doesnt get you another stay strong on your journey go out there focus on your purpose and talk to girls
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  13. KiryuKazuma

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    I don't know how it is in the States because in the movies and what i've heard it seems to be less problematic to hit on a girl. Here in Europe it's different, some are really open up but you won't get laid, some girls if you are not their type will go to the bouncer and tell him that you laid a hand on her or similar. Some girls will make everything with you like dancing and touching but you have to pay her drinks and later you will still go home alone. I have like 4-5 Years Experience in Clubbing or Disco, there were also months when i wasn't seeing any of it. But i see and watch around me and also have a friend who likes to speak up to girls, i also did it. He maybe only had 2 times a success after a lot of approaching, and we did visited a lot of clubs. I think doing something else while you don't think about girls and do whatever you like will give you a better chance than going to clubs and approach a girl.

    You also should go with a different mindset, when i go to a club i go because i want to have a nice time while i'm dancing and drinking with my friends. I'm like this like 2 years and before i started nofap. I do Nofap just because i'm not interested in the girls like i was before and want to get rid of the addiction.

    But yeah i also have experience with hookers since here it is Legal and there are some laws and always make sure to protect. And like one guy before me said on Page 1, you should like Asian Girls they do it somehow the best it's like they enjoy it too. Sometimes like when you have a intercourse with a normal girl you can also experience a bad connection between you two, nothing is guaranteed can also happen with a escort. I had also sex with hooker and with normal Woman, and the first isn't that special although my first time was not with a hooker. Sometimes you will have to work on it, but if you really want to get laid, do it.

    But you also have to be confident and have some balls doin it, because the first time with a escort is in a way like approaching a girl with the one exception that she will accept sex with you because you pay her. And if you lucky no one will see you doin it, where in a club everyone can see if you win or lose. And like a approaching a girl even after the 10 time you order a escort or visit you will be nervous and thats normal. I did approach girls and talked with them but my problem was that i wasn't able to connect. That is because every one of us is so familiar with porn and our brain that we lose our natural Sexdrive we normally should have.

    And last but not least if you do it keep it a secret, if someone ask did you have sex just say you had some one night stands. No one has to know it and in the ancient times it was also normal, it's only now the time where the media makes you feel guilt about everything you do and what you do is wrong.
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  14. King Tut

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    [email protected] this pseudoscience bullshit
  15. Homelander

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    I visited many hookers in my life and had many great exciting sex moments. Even when I suffered with PIED, it was still worth it.
    However, I would only advise seeing a hooker if you:
    1. Are single
    2. can do it legally
    3. don't have to spend a small fortune on a average looking woman.
    4. don't have to go to criminal dangerous neighborhoods (I once got mugged myself).
    5. are not having religious/moral concerns
    6. can avoid underage or forced women
    7. Can have safe sex with condoms
    8. can have sex in your car or their room instead of taking them to your home.
    9. Can do it without being recognized and caught by family or friends.

    The last time I visited a hooker was 1.5 years ago and I often still fantasize about this encounter.
    But since I'm on a 90 day hard challenge, there will be no masturbation for me and absolutely no more hookers.
    I'm done with that expensive phase.
  16. need4realchg

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    Your car ???
  17. Kexas23

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    No, don't get an escort. Escorts are the same a p-subs. You are a sex addict, going the escort route will likley lead to you becoming addicted to escorts.
  18. King Tut

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    tbh, many of these is the reasons why i dont see escorts. if i was living in Europe where this is legal, it would be a different story. in US it's too dangerous to see one. you dunno if you're gonna be met by her pimp, undercover cops, STDs, or her razor blade taking all your money. and what are you gonna do? call the cops? LOL
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  19. Homelander

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    Yes I totally agree. In most countries is very risky to visit a prostitute, but we men don't think straight when we are really horny.
    I remember at age 23 being on holiday abroad(asia), I was super horny and visited a red light district.
    After "shopping" for a nice lady, I end up being locked in the room with her and I could only leave after paying double the price.
    I must admit that the added fear made the sex extra enjoyable for me but in retrospect I could easily been stabbed to death and disappeared.

    Its very comparable to masturbating, because after you climax you will instantly be struck by shame, self disgust and left
    with an empty wallet. But for many men its perfectly fine to occasionally visit a prostitute in order to keep them in balance and sane.
    I once thought I was one of those men, but now I see this hobby will only drag me further down and put me in risk of becoming a prostitute addict.
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  20. need4realchg

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    I thank God for this thread. Rereading my own responses and others kept me away from this option last night.
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