should I have a weekend of pure intense sexual activity

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    I'm on my 10'th day of rebooting, I'm expirencing a huge progress and there are a lot more I want to achive. The reboot is very important for me in many levels mantally and physically.

    I can have a weekend of pure intense sexual activity with no comitment only sex, I'm not sure how it will affect my rebooting process.

    One of the things is to master my energy and route it for looking for sexual activities. spending the weekend only having sex servs one of my goals on the other hand I also want to fix the phyiscal issue which I have and it's ED and PE I read that having sexual intercourse can slow the rebooting process.

    Any thoughts about the disadvateges of having sexual activities during the reboot process ?

  2. sleepysapphic

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    Have you looked into the chaser effect?
    Here's a link to some info on it, if you're curious.

    I have definitely had similar desires to get it all out of my system basically before committing to a reboot by binging on porn. I know it isn't the same since it's actual sex but the urges become so much stronger.

    I can't speak to your specific situation all that well but I would just say in general, commit as soon as you decide you want to. Trying to get it out of your system by overdoing it makes it harder.
  3. Berlin2019

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    @sleepysapphic Thanks for the replay !

    I read a lot more deeply about the chaser effect, I learned a lot of my current state as a result of it.

    I think I'll meet the girl and enjoy this amazing weekend of passinate sex and handle the after effects of it. I postponed it a bit, I didn't set a date yet since i'm experiencing a positive progress and want to test it with here.

    I think that fantasizing her and not porn in my mind is a positive thing in my reboot process.

    wish you the best of luck in your process

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