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    my objective always was to get rid of my premature ejaculation, and so far, NoFap haven't done any improvement, then i recently found out about Edging and his benefits on PE.

    what you guys it worth it?
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    You really ask that in this forum? Do you even remember what it was like to relapse? Edging is causing same problems as relapsing. You will fuck up your brain.
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  5. Fapstronaut

    In my opinion, edging is even more toxic... You waste more time, more energy and more brainfuck.
    It's always better to fap 3 times a day just for 2-3 minutes, quick, and go on, than to edge for hours every 2 days...
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  6. WeShallNotFap

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    but i need to try other things, cause nofap isnt making nothing to my pe problem
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    What about edging during actual sex with a woman? Is that harmful? Or is it okay because it's real sex?
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    Edging because it might benefit PE is like doing chemotherapy: sure, you might kill off the tumor, but you're just trading it for a bunch of other problems. Let's say you fix your PE completely, but now you're dealing with perpetually low energy, brain fog, lack of motivation and concentration, etc. ... is it worth the cost? From a strict perspective of brain chemistry alone, edging is horrible for you.

    I can't say it more eloquently than that.
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    Hmmm... tough one.
    My experience with edging is: I used to do it consistently, 10 years ago, I could last up to an hour if I wanted to in bed. But I didn't have PE. So I know edging helps with pleasure tolerance.
    My experience with PE is: I got divorced and it fixed itself.
    That doesn't mean you should drop your significant other :D
    But it may be rooting from a psychological problem, I would explore that aspect first before breaking my streak.
    Because, you know, PE might be a symptom and edging might fix the symptom and the real cause may keep ruining your life?
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    What a thread..we must all know that edging is as bad as watching porn. Stop it and accept it.
  11. I like how you're at least 19 times more days than most of the people commenting negative stuff. But here's my piece of advice. I believe you should read up on strengthening of the Pelvic Floor Muscles. Research Kegel exercises and learn them. There are two different muscles , BC and PC. Do a quick google search and research. Try doing reverse kegel exercises . Hey don't knock it til ya try it buddy. Check back in another 30 days after you've done them maybe? :)
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    thanks a lot for giving me this strength..
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    Here is some1s input that has just under three days under my belt:

    Go first to a doctor before doing kegel exercises. Ask him about this and how you should proceed.

    Now why I give you this advice? Because I did those. I even learned that one can orgasm by just using these muscles. It took me half a year to try and learn not to do it again, It is really dangerous. Go to a doctor before you do anything harsh decisions concerning these muscles. Because you CAN fuck up your brain much worse than edging ever could. I've been there. Don't.
  14. Edging is absolutely toxic for your health. Trust me.
  15. LoyalKnight

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    Do you want to destroy yourself? Do you want to rob yourself from your spirit and confidence, and motivation, and essence and stregth? [....] and countless other things.

    If so, yes. If not, then not.

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    I'll figure out what i need to do to cure PE, cause for what i've seen NoFap will not do it
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    There's a simple solution to PE. Wait a little bit and go another round. It shouldn't be so quick the next time around.
    • Train reverse kegels. Then use them to get rid of involuntary BC muscle flexing during stimulation, keep BC all relaxed when having stimulation and reverse kegel once in a while to discharge tension. That will keep orgasm away. Make sure you don't flex BC muscle to get erection faster either. It should really be working only when you have orgasm and that's all. Any kind of BC stimulation creates tension in muscle and prostate which speed up ejaculation. So reverse kegels are super important. You don't need to balance out your BC either, that's bullshit. Stay away from exercising BC.
    • Do normal kegels by exercising PC. Just make sure you train the right muscle, otherwise it will make PE even worse! The right muscle is PC muscle. It is between your anus and lover back. It should feel like you are flexing your tail bone muscle. While doing this try to keep everything between your anus and penis (especially BC) relaxed. If you train enough you can actually learn to do reverse kegel (relaxes BC at front) and kegel (flexes PC at back) at the same time. These muscles are not the opposite of each other (like biceps and triceps are) so it's possible. The wrong muscle is BC muscle. It's at your perineum and contracts during orgasm while PC doesn't). Many people actually do kegels wrong by mistaking BC for PC which, like I said, makes PE even worse. Don't make the same mistake.
    • Learn different thrusting techniques. Shallow thrusts gives the woman most pleasure (cos there is nothing much going on deep, clitoris which is the most sensitive part is at entrance) and stimulates you the least. So during sex maybe try to do something like 9 shallow and 1 deep. Instead of all as deep as you can, like most of the guys penetrate women.
    • Learn different sex positions. Study some kamasutra. Learn where your most sensitive part of the penis is and then learn what positions you need to do to get it stimulated the least.
    • Learn how to breath properly. Slow, relaxed breaths. Breath through diaphragm, not your chest.
    • Learn how to control your nerve tension by visualization, berating and muscle flexing. With some techniques it is actually possible to intentionally direct accumulated electricity in your genital nerves to other parts of the body. If there are not enough electricity accumulated in the nerves of your genitals ejaculation won't happen. So learn about the science of bioenergetics. Books by Mantak Chia are good on this. He approaches it from magical perspective (Chi energy, chakras, etc) but really Chi is just electricity within nerves and chakras are simply nerve centers withing the body.
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    It's probably worse.

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