Should I Quit Social media completely? Pls suggest.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Av., Aug 26, 2020.

Social media is?

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  1. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    Every new msg a booster for my journey of Quitting SMs thank you all.
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  2. magic05

    magic05 Fapstronaut

    I already posted my opinion on this subject in a similar thread.

    You should do it.

    I've been an Internet addict for many, many years. Only this year 2020 I've been able to quit online news entirely for the first time since my youth. And what a big improvement of life quality this has been, I can't even tell you. My Internet addiction was on the same level like PMO. Maybe even a little worse, I'm not kidding.

    My next step is to quit social media (Facebook/Instagram) and series/movies (Netflix). I almost achieved that goal as well.

    All this news/social media shit is just pure poison for your brain. It's instant digital gratification. It's like digital fast food. It makes you jealous and steals your life time, but never ever satisfies you. It fucks up your brain just like porn. Get rid of it and go out into the real world instead. The sooner, the better.
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  3. redcedar

    redcedar Fapstronaut

    If you feel that all the time you spend on social media is wasted, you should definitely quit using it! Fill your life with what is inspiring and interesting to you! If you want to still keep in touch with your friends, you could cut down on the number of social media apps you use. And for the ones you do keep, you could add an app time limit. And unfollow anything that you don’t care about seeing in your feeds. You can also keep in touch with others just through messages or phone calls! Maybe FaceTime someone every day to stay connected! Or you can even write a quick postcard to someone every week or so and they’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive something in the mail!
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  4. MerseyPhoenix

    MerseyPhoenix Fapstronaut

    Instagram is the work of the Porn Devil. Delete it or relapse.
  5. Dude, I would say it neutral but first of all

    I once upon a time quit social media for a week or two what I felt was

    • Increase focus
    • Increase boredom
    • Lots of time

    Also, there could
    be many benefits but due to fapping I think they were draped .
    Foremostly, my father didn't allowed any1 in our family to use FB as he thought FB have a lot of scammers and also I never used Twitter
    Tbbh, I was literally addicted to YouTube and insta.
    So one day I contemplated upon that there were a lot many triggers for calling on insta. And there it's benefits were somewhere around none just chatting. So I deleted it.
    Now, for YOUTUBE my brain constantly thought about some videos of creators so what I did was whenever I wanted to use YT I asked myself which video I wanted to see and of which creator. Then, when I opened YT I neither looked left of right or checked my feed. Also, I came across a great strategy, in which whichever video you wanted to see other than which you have decided you have to save it in watch later then at night you can checkout other videos which you saved so, according to me it's great.

    And I would just conclude that if that particular platform has more benefits than cons use it and the best way is to block out time like from 2-2:30 pm I can use social media how much I want rest of the I cant. And also it depends upon you currently Im fighting with my Yt addiction I am gonna do YT only on sundays

    Even one eye opener can be if you use Twitter just check the last 10 tweets that you saw and spent time on
    Were they informative?
    Were they improving your skill level ? If not you have to take it into consideration

    Hope it helps :)

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