Should I really quit running?

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Protagonist, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Protagonist

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    I am 5'9 and 52kg (114lbs), so you can imagine, I am extremely skinny and I've always tried to gain some weight. Regardless, I've always loved running, I used to run a lot before but I am not running much these days.

    But still whenever I run my friends discourage me from running telling me that I shouldn't run as I'm very skinny and it will prevent me from gaining mass. All this has a made a drastic change in my mindset and now I have started to question myself if I should really be running.

    What do you guys think? Is it okay to run if I want to gain mass?
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    It all depends on your goals. If you are following a good workout plan and a diet with caloric surplus then you will gain good lean mass.
    If you love running you just need to eat the calories that you burn.

    I just picked up running on a break from weights and I just love it, it requires even more coordination than lifting.
    Bottomline: Do what you like, set goals, plan accordingly. It might or might not include running
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  3. OhWhenThe

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    You can still run but you need to make up for the calories burned, otherwise you're not going to put on weight(or at least not as much as you need). It's simple maths at the end of the day.

    Say your maintenance calorie intake is 1500 and you start eating 2000 then you will put on weight but if you burn 500 off by running then you're going to stay the same. If you were to up your intake to 2500 then you can run and still gain weight. I'm guessing that getting those necessary calories is difficult for you so in that case you would probably be better off toning down the amount and intensity you run at. You're very underweight though(I know as I was the same) so if I were you I would focus on getting enough calories and lifting weights, maybe just a light jog now and then when you need it.
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  4. modern milarepa

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    The short answer is yes you should quit running, gaining mass is an anaerobic exercise and running is aerobic. But running is good for health, you can run 1 or 2 times a week very little.

    For me it's really hard to gain mass so I haven't done running in let me think... 6 years, if I sleep a little less or miss a meal I lose 2 pounds, also 30 min of running there you have it, at least a pound of bodyweight I lose. And I used to love running I could run all day in the mountains.You can't have it all, unfortunately.

    Also see how your body responds, if you can run and gain mass at the same time well no problem at all.

    Ps: I have earned more than 40 pounds of lean muscle mass in this time frame.
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  5. AlphaWolf1408

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    HIIT such as sprints are ok but still not a top priority. Endurance cardio will hinder you.

    When trying to gain mass (muscle):

    1. Diet

    2. Strength training

    3. HIIT Cardio (if truly necessary)
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  6. ByTheRiver777

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    I'm your same heigt at 5'9. When I started lifting I was about 140 I am now 170.

    I would quit running for the time being and start up dedicated strength programs for novices, such as Stronglifts or Starting Strength.

    I'm a big believer in heart health, but I would stop the steady-state cardio (Unless you're planning on joining the military or police) and do something low impact twice a week or as a 10 min warm-up before working out, such as rowing, swimming, or using a bike.

    Your heart is the most important muscle in your body and if you love running then keep running, but be aware it will be hard for you to gain mass if your volume is high.
  7. gordie

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    What everyone has said here to some extent: if you want to gain mass you're going to either need to quit running or massively up your diet.. and I would even say that the latter still may not do it.
    Your best bet is to quit for a period of time and wait until you've bulked up, then start experimenting with running until you look how you want.
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  8. Protagonist

    Protagonist Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the replies.

    I have decided to quit running for the time being and focus more on building muscles via strength training and also improve my diet until I gain significant amount of weight.
  9. hollyman

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    if you like running dont quit,, do it just once a week after leg day exercise for 10-15 minutes just saying man, do it lightly
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  10. Agent

    Agent Fapstronaut

    I would say, slowly start eating more caloric foods in more amounts, this doesn't mean fat foods. And keep on running
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