Should I refrain from dating during a reboot?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Thomas X, May 14, 2019.

  1. Thomas X

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    During a typical 90 day reboot, is dating encouraged or discouraged? If I start dating a girl, I really like her and we have sex is that breaking the challenge? Surely it’s good because it’s promoting healthy sexual behaviour and if not, what if I miss a chance with a once in a lifetime girl for the sake of a challenge?

    I’m encouraging a debate here, really interested to hear peoples thoughts.


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  2. NoBrainer

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    I would say it’s neither encouraged nor discouraged. It’s not breaking the challenge, choosing to abstain from sex during the reboot (or if you’re single) is called doing “hard mode”. I would say with the girl, go for it. One the ultimate goals of nofap is to rewire the brain back to healthy relationships. If you’re already in one, then that can provide extra motivation for continuing, and allow you to enjoy the immediate benefits of abstaining, rather than enduring lengthy periods of sexual frustration.
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  3. Thomas X

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    Cheers for the insight and advice!

    The community on nofap I swear down is unreal.
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