Should I report the forum pedophile? Everyone click in, I need your help!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BestVersionToday, Dec 9, 2018.

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  1. Is there something blocking you from hitting send?
  2. I barely had to read any of that to say yes, absolutely report.
  3. I don't know...
    * If a man is sick does not even look for help (not even in a forum like this).
    * He might love her daughter that's why he's trying to find a cure.

    I think it's because of excessive P those feelings...
  4. I read, I say yes, if he has been looking at CP, report.
  5. Yes, I don't know why, I need help.

    Thank you!

    1) He's always had feelings for younger girls, id say prepubesent

    2) I think he just wants to feel better, I think he wants sympathy, I mean where the fuck is he, he has not returned in over a month, that tells me he is shameless and does not care for help or what anyone thinks.

    I'm getting closer to hitting send!
  6. None of that matters. Reporting him to the FBI or not has nothing to do with whether or not he loves his daughter. She needs to be protected. There is no question here. He needs to get away from his children right now. That is how he can love them. He recognizes himself that he can see abusing his daughter being a possibility in the future. Again I say, there is no question here. He needs to be reported unless he turns himself into some kind of program.
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  7. He needs to at least be invoulentarily committed to a mental institution.
  8. Dont feel guilty about this. By reporting, you are not saying hes a scum bag who doesent deserve help. You are forcing him to get it and to protect his children.
  9. Thank you. He said he feels it may be possible he abuses her in the future and that he has been having fantasies of her in the past couple months.
  10. Try calling the FBI directly.
  11. Yeah, that's insane. She should absolutely not be in his care.
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  12. Child porn is not a victimless crime. Children had to be abused to create the images and videos he watched, or is watching. He knows that, any reasonable person knows that. There are no innocent 3rd parties here. By looking at such material you are creating an envrionment for it to perpetuate itself. Creating a demand.
  13. 0111zerozero11

    0111zerozero11 Fapstronaut

    Should I report everyone on this forum for the fucked up shit they've thought or watched or done?
    Did I miss where he actually acted on his thoughts? If I did, then my apologies...

    I think the man is in serious need of therapy, inpatient most likely, but holy hell, I think this is crossing some serious boundaries on an anonymous forum.
  14. He wont see his child but that's for her best

    But what if she finds out he's a pedophile, how will that affect her?
  15. Can we get a moderator in here.
  16. Listen buddy, do I need to quote what he has written!

    He basically tells us he could abuse his child. She's at risk! He's seeing a sex therapist and also has porn and masturbation addiction and has no shame telling us this stuff.
  17. I've already reported the post and threatened to not have it removed or I will go public about it and I can assure with 100% certainty there will be a permanent stain on page one of google on the name of if this is covered up.
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  18. 0111zerozero11

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    Who are you to diagnose his problems?
    Do what you feel like you need to do. I personally feel like this is ludicrous. The guy wrote almost a month ago & NOW people are concerned?
    Super weird, imo
  19. Report it, if the dude had any sense he has been using a VPN, and the IP address we have was spoofed. We need a MOD to find that IP address. He would have had to use a TOR browser and looked through a .onion site list. If he was smart. But get that IP.
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