Should I see a doctor? 17 year old

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by coolman100, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Ok, so im 17, and for a week straight I PMO'd twice a day with some of these over a extended period (edging). On the last day when I orgasmed, I got a migraine which lasted a full day. After that I realised it was a problem and started a counter. Over the last three weeks I have relapsed twice. When I orgasm, I still get a migraine, although less severe than previously felt. Also when I go to the gym and start lifting, I start getting a migraine as well. Should I see a doctor? Whats causing these headaches? I suspect its large amounts of dopamine being released into the brain, but im clueless.
  2. Maybe is something wrong with your blood presure?
  3. coolman100

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    Ok, ill check that tomorrow and let you see how I go. Would low blood pressure or high blood pressure be the problem here?
  4. I think, if you have high blood presure it could cause headache. When you lift a heavy weight, the presure rises. If you have low blood presure, you would probably feel dizzy and it would go black before your eyes. If you have a real migraine, you would also feel nausea.
  5. Yes, I have low blood pressure and when my heart starts to beat faster I'm dizzy and I have to sit down or I lose my
    consciousness and it never causes headache. Your case probably high.
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    I'd say yeah, get it checked out. The fact that it's also happening w/ lifting might mean something vascular. Check out this link on sex headaches from Mayo Clinic:

    Also click on the Diagnosis & treatment tab. I wouldn't be worried about a spinal tap or anything weird like that, but there's a good list of questions there that I'd suggest you print off and write down answers before you go in so anything doesn't slip your mind. If your doc doesn't ask you those questions, bring them up in the conversation.
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    How is your diet?
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    post climax migraine is fairly common. Most women pre-empt it by saying they have a headache when a man asks for sex. :)

    Check your bp to make sure you are not hypertensive, other than that it if you get a migraine after each climax you could get some sumatriptan to take before you climax.

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