Should I see an escort?

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  1. Chances are your first time isn't gonna be what you think it is. It can be special, but it's probably not gonna be. It will be messy and awkward, but it can definitely be fun and you can definitely connect with another girl even if it's for one night. I used to want it to be special, but one night I had a chance and I wasn't gonna pass it up. It wasn't special or anything, but that doesn't mean I didn't connect with the girl. I really liked her, but it was just sex and there's nothing wrong with that. I'll tell you this though. It's insane how different it is after you've had sex for the first time, at least when it comes to girls. It just gives you this confidence and it honestly comes along much easier.

    Be careful though man. I learned that sex isn't as great as it's portrayed. I mean, it really is incredible, but meaningless sex can leave you feeling a bit empty inside, at least it did for me. The girl that I've had the most feelings for was a girl that I didn't even have sex with. I'd rather be with a girl that I love than have endless amounts of casual sex, but it's pretty hard to find true love. That's why I believe it's good for guys to go out and have as much sex as possible. That way you get it out of your system, you learn a lot along the way and when you do meet that special girl you'll be much wiser about it and you'll be less likely to wonder if it's just hormones firing off or if you really love her.
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    My first kiss, I was around 29 or 30, so there is no need to rush, a real kiss much much better than paid sex

    Dangers of sex with prostitutes:
    1- STDs = sexually transmitted diseases
    2- Sexually transmitted demons !
    3- Temporary pleasure followed by more loneliness and guilts couple of days later
    4- Destroy your money savings
    5- False perception of satisfaction
    6- Morally incorrect
    7- Against G-D will if you are Christian
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    I’m new here, I see it as, if I wanna go to a prostitute, strip club porn, and are willing to give up so many things just because I have to do that, that’s dangerous, and In my experience, it took me told do disgusting things, dangerous things, messed my life up pretty bad,
  4. In Germany that’s legal and quite open. I know guys who go sometimes.
  5. Here in the States it's illegal, which is the dumbest goddamn shit ever, pardon my language. You think drugs sell? If they legalized prostitution there would be no deficit and no debt. I'm exaggerating, but seriously. Did you know suicide is illegal? How dare you kill yourself. Throw his corpse in a cell. Maybe he'll think long and hard about suicide as his dead body sits in a cell and has time to think about the repercussions. Fucking dumb man. What is wrong with my country?
  6. I also debated this very subject years ago. I think even before I became an active member on here... I had the very same issues. Socially awkward, never kissed a girl, never had a girlfriend, virgin... All of my friends were either in relationships or they were starting families. Whereas I was still trying to figure out why I couldn’t even have basic relationships with girls. It literally drove me crazy and made me angry the frustration was ridiculous! One of my friends suggested using escorts. Back then I was totally against it. I said to myself it’s a last resort if all else fails. At the time I was also having therapy for anxiety. I told my therapist I was a virgin and that I was considering escorts. She thought that I didn’t need to go down that path and that I could meet someone...

    Well a year went by no change! Still had this voodoo curse or mental block whatever you want to call it over me. So one day I just caved in. I was in my late 20’s now nothing happening at all! I was fed up of feeling like a ghost. Luckily finding an escort is easy here and not that expensive. Long story short I lost my virginity to an escort. I didn’t cum but then it was the first time I wasn’t expecting anything. Overall the experience was okay. Best part was it opened the door for me! After that one experience it gave me the confidence to meet real girls and have sex with them. Because I learned that it’s not that big of a deal. I’m not going to lie I have used escorts quite a few times. But I have slept with real girls too!

    In my opinion it was worth it. If I hadn’t done it I might still be a virgin now. Wasting a way trying to figure out why I can’t get laid... Putting girls on pedestals and wondering why it’s so hard to do anything... So my advice is to get over this mental block do whatever it takes! If it means escorts then do it! Just be careful not to get addicted to it! If you think you can loose your virginity without the escort then good luck. But it’s not that easy for everyone first time...
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  7. It breaks my heart to see how much guys often have to struggle to getting a girl! I wish I could help and this could change
  8. :p
  9. Hell yeah man I'm glad it worked out for you. I know what you mean about the confidence. After I lost my virginity it really did open up doors. I felt so confident and girls can honestly just tell when you're not a virgin. There are people that used to know I was a virgin and I'm honestly not even sure if they for sure found out, but it's like they know I'm not one anymore. They just treat me differently. When you're a virgin it's very hard to actually be confident, especially the older you are. Maybe escorts aren't such a bad idea, but I'd say they should be a last resort.

    Like me, a lot of guys make a big deal out of losing their virginity. I actually wanted it to be special, but when the moment came I just went for it and it wasn't a love connection, but it was honestly very passionate. Even one night stands can be absolutely beautiful because you have that beautiful connection with a person and for one night you're just obsessed with each other. It's like there's nobody else in the world except the two of you. It's amazing to just lay there and cuddle and get to know each other. Yeah I know, I'm part woman hahaha. I've also had sex that was purely just that, sex. Sometimes it really is just about pleasure and I have to say that's not nearly as good. I like the emotional connection every bit as much as the actual sex. Maybe even more, but that might be pushing it.
  10. The truth is there are a lot of guys out there who don't talk to women at all and don't even leave their houses, yet they wonder why they're not having sex. They wait for it to just come to them. We have to take responsibility for everything in our lives. Losing your virginity is no different. You have to make an attempt.

    When I was still a virgin I knew that it was my fault. I wasn't even trying because of various reasons. Pretty much, I absolutely hated myself and felt like it wasn't even worth trying. Even when I lost it one random night the girl was absolutely crazy over me, but I still had to make an attempt.
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    "No". That's my contribution to this thread. You're welcome :p Each to their own. But I don't think it will provide you with happiness. It's the acted out version of Porn. Porn addiction at it's very worse I'd say. Because from just "innocently" ruining your life through a screen. It has now taken a physical form, manifested in the means of you losing your finances and inner eye. I'm not gonna lie, the thought has crossed my mind. It has. Simply by the addiction to P. But I would never go ahead with it, the price of being lost is way too high.
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    I’m sure you can help in more ways than one
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  13. I would strongly advise against seeing an escort. It will only further close you up from going out and meeting new people for meaningful relationships. It is also addicting like P, it could lead to many years of misery, guilt, shame and disease. Work on your self by leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet. That will boost your confidence and you will meet someone when you least expect it.
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    What a coincidence you replied that today. I was subconsciously thinking I'm a worthless dog anyway. What difference does it make for me to get an escort? Ha funny how the universe knows when to tell you to be patient. I really hate waiting though.
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    Is there anything wrong with fucking an escort? not in my mind. May be a good learning experience. Get comfortable with the female species.
    Just ask yourself do you think paying for sex is wrong? I don't. If you don't go for it.
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    Really dude that does make sense. I feel like while I'm improving my health and finances, why not plan on seeing an escort for my first time? I can gain experience and then go on to everyday girls.
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    Just think of the escort as a coach aha.
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    Yeah bro I am 21 years old, I doubt any 21 year old girl would want a guy that's a 5'5 virgin and wears glasses lol. Looks like I'm going for an escort after reaching my goal
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  19. Going to an E is not much different than watching P. It is a fantasy and it is only about the money. Not to mention the possibility of a trick roll or undercover bust in areas where it is illegal.
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