Should I Stand up straight like alpha male?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Moogie, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Moogie

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    I do try to stand up straight but when people walk towards me I put my head down like a I not good enough to stand up straight.

    How to Stand like an Alpha Male


    Stand in front of a big enough mirror to see your entire body. Look and ask yourself if your posture expresses your masculine power? Does it display the dominant force of the most important individual in the pack? Does it project enthusiasm and confidence? If you answered no to any of these questions, you have to work on your posture and attitude.

    Visualize yourself as a masculine man, who feels powerful. Your posture has to express this exactly. A crouching and hunched posture characterizes people who fear their environment. Sit and stand up straight and openly display your chest. By doing this alpha male behavior, you’ll be giving a subconscious signal to others that you’re not afraid to attack.

    Place your feet apart, a little wider than shoulder width. Your whole posture should look solid and masculine. Keeping your legs apart
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  2. Sometimes I have awesome posture sometimes I have poor posture looking down head forward ect..
    Your definitely right about the attitude and working on posture. How you feel about yourself and environment play a role for sure.
    Standing with your legs far apart just looks super intimidating., i noticed i do it automatically when im feeling awesome but i never do it when im in a new environment or having a bad day.
    I will try to consciously do it on my bad days, thanks for the reminder and tip brother..
    I just made a thread about the following week im doing a 40 day 40 night no internet challenge, feel free to take a look its underself improvement.

    Much love bros and brahettes
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    Yes you should Moogie and it's only a matter of confidence. I stand up ''like an alpha male'' because I believe in myself. I know that should I need to defend myself, I might get hurt but my opponent will be hurt as well. You've got to stand up and emanate confidence my friend, otherwise alphas and mean people will walk on you. They'll think they can walk on you and that you won't ripost. Don't be that guy, it won't do you any good.

    Be confident and work on you self-esteem, you are good enough to stand up straight! If anyone has anything to say against that, use words or stenght to get yourself respected. It's tough at first but it works and I haven't found any other way that work.

    Good luck, you can do it!
  4. Moogie

    Moogie Fapstronaut

    I don't think I can walk past women like James Bond. But I might try it.
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  5. ChristoX8

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    Try it, you don't know, it might work. ;)
  6. Thechosenone

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    My dad's noticed my posture has changed without me really trying. Lifting weights and nofap all contribute to greater self esteem and posture improvements.
  7. Headspace

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    Daniel Craig certainly works out a lot. Regular work-outs will improve your posture autmatically as you obtain a better feel for your whole body. If you feel comfortable in your body you will look cool on the outside as well.

    My two cents on this whole alpha male thing is that as long as you think in terms of alpha and omega, you are comparing yourself to others. Just focus all your energy on being or becoming (in pratice it's both the same) yourself, because what's the point of living a life that isn't yours, but the one of someone else? Other than that, it might of course help you to have idols.
  8. Moogie

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    Opps I didn't even notice it
  9. Buzz Lightyear

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    You can not pretend to be 'alpha' male, or put on some 'alpha male' posture like a suit of clothes. To begin with, the very phrase shows a concern that you are not 'alpha'. What is the real 'alpha'? A man who is aware of his awesome manliness, he walks like a god lightly on this earth, he has dignity, integrity and self-determination. Read Aristotle for the true 'alpha'.

    That said, I swim a lot. It help with physique, posture, and presence.
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  10. What I don't like is we look up to these other "alpha males" Aristole or whoever wasn't watching youtube videos of pick up artist telling you what an alpha male is ect.They were not spending money on books or listening to Tedtalks or on NoFap threads or other threads.
    They did what they wanted and said what they wanted.
    I think its good to have a role model type of person but you shouldent idolize anyone anyway. There are some patterns and traits that we see but nothing is every set in stone.
    How are you an "Alpha" if you look to others to find the meaning of alpha.
    A man does not need to explain himself to others.A person who is confident in himself will do whats popular or not popular, you might look stupid infront of that girl or your friends but the fact that you choice or do or say what you wanted knowing deep down in yourself that it's the true you. is alpha.
    Deep down I know i have character flaws that I need to work on to bring me closer to the real me, every day were bombarded with useless information and pressure from society.
    You guys are awesome,listen to yourself!

    Side note, I posted a 40 day (or more)
    No Internet challenge under Self Improvement threads.
    If anyone wants to sign up read requirements otherwise Im doing it myself starting Feb 8.
    I will post my findings after 40 days .
    NoFap day 67 soon to be no internet
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