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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ishee, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Should I start my reboot. OCD controls my brain and its hard for me to do anything. I want to start nofap but my OCD is taking control over me.
  2. I think you absolutely should. You might even find that the rebooting process helps your OCD. I know for me, although I'm not 'officially' OCD, I definitely was borderline to it when I was very deep into PMO. But now it's gone.

    What the reboot does for people depends on the person. You just have to take a leap of faith, and find out. :D

    Stay strong! :cool:
  3. I think the author of your brain on porn doesn’t recommend it. I did it anyway and suffered BRUTAL withdrawals and horrible intrusive thoughts.

    I got through it though.
  4. I recommend it to you. Many people mention many benefits from NoFap and I noticed benefits too (before I relapsed).

    Trying is definitely worth it :)
  5. uiop2

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    Here i am. I have a strong form of ocd and most of the time i'm like paralyzed so i feel you. If something isn't perfect i drive crazy and i can't stand that sense of uncertainty all the time in my head. What i can tell you for sure is that once you start rebooting that will be the only thought in your mind, especially the first days of your journey. So if you wanna do it don't be so hard on yourself, do it but also do many other things aside of it, don't focus on "ok from now on i'm done with masturbation/porn and there is no way i go back to it" FORCING yourself into that mindset. Face it instead one day at a time and be prepared against many relapses because they can occur or maybe not, it depends on you. So basically have a life aside of it cause if you spend lots of time alone this will probably worsen the situation cause i tell you, when i first started after a few days i even began avoiding watching girls on the streets or paying too much attention on what i was reading on the internet freaking out that it would pop up a pic of a naked girl and it would tempt me to relapse.
    Anyway abstinence will probably decrease the symptoms, it worked for me.

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