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  1. PMO addict1

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    I have decided to subtract 3 days from my streak if i fantasize or watch just even a minute of porn substitute if it leads me to precum .... Is it good to subtract days or continue as same.....
  2. safa61947

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    I think being too hard on yourself can lead to frustration and failure. On a long streak it's sometimes inevitable. You should reset only if you watch porn intentionally.
  3. PMO addict1

    PMO addict1 Fapstronaut

    Yes its true but.... if I dont do this then I start to feel I relapsed and should masturbate and start all over again
  4. Tiger1

    Tiger1 Fapstronaut

    When I play with fire, like teased myself like you do.....I count that as a reset so I just do the deed and start the following sense of cheating
  5. bobross

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    The problem doesn't lie with you thinking you relapsed, but with you reasoning that if you relapsed, might as well relapse more because "it doesn't matter anymore". It does matter, the more you will do it, the worse things will become.
    As to your specific question, a streak means an uninterrupted period of time, so subtracting from it doesn't make a lot of sense. You either relapsed and streak's over, or you didn't and the count continues. What is a relapse, that's your choice. I personally consider a relapse / reset the purposeful, intentional activity of indulging into PMO related, where I feel the "rush". If for example my resolve is weak, and let's say I type in the link to a P site, but I get a hold over myself in time so I don't load it fully and close it instead of looking, I don't feel the rush of P, so to me it is not a relapse, it's just uncomfortably close to one.
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