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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by DalyStrgle, Dec 4, 2018.

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    my wife has no idea I am a PA. I have successfully hid this for our entire marriage. We have a solid intimate relationship but I play off some limp behavior with being tired or some other excuse. The reality is I have been pmo basically every day. Is it worth telling her about the reboot or not?

    I struggle with this decision every day. I want to tell her but then I don’t at all. This forum helps so much that I wonder if it’s worth the reaction from her? On day 5 and feeling good aside from the tingle of wanting to pmo badly. Moving through it pretty well so far.
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    DalyStrgle if you search you will find a lot of posts already asking this exact same question. I have read many and the majority consensus is yes you need to tell her before she finds out. By being honest and upfront is a lot better than being caught. Have a search on honesty and you will find it is the No1 for SO's on here. If you read the posts from SO's and how our addiction affects them you will hopefully have the empathy to have the right discussion with her. Rebooting in a relationship is a good forum to check out. I wish you luck and I wish I had been brave enough to tell my wife before she caught me, it would have been a lot easier.
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