Should sexual thoughts be thrown away?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Frappy, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Frappy

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    Doing hard mode, is it a good idea to forget about sex and thoughts of that nature?
  2. CrimsnBlade

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    In my experience, it's best not to dwell on those thoughts. It's really hard not to sometimes, and in the past its ended up causing me to relapse because those thoughts ended up leading to desire and eventually I would give in and find myself right back where I started. That's basically what happened to me today actually. That's why my counter is at zero.

    So yes I would say try to steer clear of those thoughts if you can.
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  3. daemonswithin

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    100% yes. Please check out the link in my signature, and perhaps you'll get some ideas on how to deal with sexual fantasy. Good luck with your reboot.
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  4. I think you shoudn't be thinking about sexual thoughts all the time but rather be more in the moment and which sexual opportunity arise, you can participate in it.
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  5. helterskelter

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    You cannot stop or control thoughts so don't try. If you have them which you will....Just observe how they make you not try to fight them..they will fade on their own accord
  6. During your reboot, it's critical to avoid fantasy because it will inevitably have some porn influence and thus activate the porn wiring in your brain, leading to triggers and reinforcing that circuitry. So I would recommend forgoing all fantasy during a reboot.
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