Should the school do something?

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by Kenzi, May 31, 2017.

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    I’m under the thought that even though your phone Is “private” if what your viewing is in the open for anyone to see it’s no longer private. Just like having your phone turned up on speaker in public, it’s not a private conversation anymore. I tried to teach that one to my daughter when she was teenager.
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    Really fascinating to meet people who are actually like state surveilance.
    Just one thing to think about: Look at the crime rate of Japan or Switzerland. Super low crime rates without this crazy CCTV infrastructure. How do you explain that ?

    So you also agree with the NSA / GCHQ mass surveilance ?

    I'm not completely against surveilance. If the recorded data stays in your possession and you use it only to help investigations when some crime happened in your home then it's totally ok.
    But I dont trust the "authorities". Sooner or later some freaks will get into government and then they'll control this giant machinery.
    And another point: Disgusting things may happen, if people trust authorities too much and don't watch them

    Funny thing again: Look at Switzerland - they have one of the most liberal gun laws and no extreme gun related violence there. But ok, the're probably unique in this way but CCTV and extreme gun control aren't the only way.

    People will realize this probably when their goverment mutates into some sort of authoritarian regime, which regulates every aspect of their life. Then it's usually too late if the citizens are unarmed ...

    Oh, and dont worry, cameras inside the homes will come soon. Or maybe they are already there, as people have their smartphone always with them, use some digital assistants or buy smart TVs voluntarily.

    Yeah, the usual argument. I'll just quote Snowden here: "Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like arguing that you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say."

    Yeah the thread derailed a bit, but it was actually a really interesting discussion.

    So to link it back to the topic: Could some of you explain, how CCTV could catch such a guy anyway ? You probably know the (low) picture quality of these cameras. You wont have the resolution to see the smartphone display. (That works only in the CSI series :p ). So you'll get your mass surveilance everywhere, but aren't able to convict this guy anyway.

    Yeah, this sounds sensible.

    Another reason not to trust "authorities" completely (in this case the school)

    You've got the most sensible posts here. Totally agree with you.
    Inform all parents about that and next time something like this happens, a bunch of parents can go over and have a talk with this guy.
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    I never said I agree with it being the only way.
    And I never said I thought this would help This situation, in particular.
    On the further topic..
    But do you know what all your phone can do?
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    Because CCTV is different in the city as there would be no point in the first place with low quality. They've caught people robbing, pickpocketing or whatever crime because they're able to see parts or their whole face as opposed to having to get an officer to question every person in the area which usually isn't very successful. It helps more than you think, and if you don't like it well okay but I do and it helps, especially with peace of mind.

    Maybe because it's also culture and how people are brought up? In the UK we had a school shooting in 1997 that wasn't comparable to the US now, but still bad enough to kill about 26 or so people. They took it seriously and put regulations and bans in to prevent those acts later, and you know what it worked. Maybe it won't for every country due to culture or some other factor but I'd take no guns over fear of being shot any time. You can still get rifles and what not for hunting but there's a load of restrictions as well.

    I also never said that's the only way, I was just saying a couple of the things we have here, but I guess some people won't understand.
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    Of course there'll be shite in a large capital city like London regardless, but at least it's stabbings and not shootings.

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