Should Transgenders participate in sporting events?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by MLMVSS, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Because not all men are stronger and physically superior to women. Google image search “female body builders” to see some examples.
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    well, these "female" bodybuilder have min 10x more (injected) testosterone than average male

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    Strawman. No one said every man is. However, when collectively speaking on a biological level, men tend to be physically stronger, when it comes to lifting, than women. That's just how biology works.
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  4. I don't care much about professional athletes (and even many amateur ones). They get enough attention already.

    As for the whole transgender thing, I'm neither a die-hard opponent of it or an ultra-liberal supporter of it.
  5. Transgender is really not the primary issue in this case. Were not sitting here hating on people for being weird or different because its not our business. When you try to apply this crazy ass fantasy land PC "logic" to reality, everything goes to shit because its crazy. When you have people circumventing rules put in place for safety in the name of not offending someone or for fear of being demonized, things can get dangerous. These decisions should be based on obvious reason and common sense and politics should be left out. Anyone who tries to argue that it makes sense for someone with a mans bone and muscle structure to compete with biological women has to be totally lost in ideology, ignorant or politically motivated because the end result is obvious.
    You have the most extreme fringe group in our society making unreasonable demand for societal change with no logical rationale and no credible science on their side and our leader are caving left and right or bolstering their career by placating them. If people dont reject PC bullshit and learn to speak up, its going to get really bad.
  6. Fair enough. As others have said, I guess transgender athletes should have their own divisions.

    Since you're concerned about health and safety, you would probably agree that a lot of changes need to made in sport in general, even on those rare occasions when no transgenders are competing! All the brain damage that happens, for example.
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    This forum has its fair share of idiots, funny how some people can be so vocal about an issue they have no personal experience or know anyone who is going through that, then yet fap to tranny porn. Odd that eh?
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  8. Some of these idiots get triggered by factual information. Cause it takes a whole lot of experience to know that men are generally physically superior to women? How much experience do you think we need? I've seen what happens when a man and a woman get into a real fight. No need to wrestle a woman to the floor to prove it, right?
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  9. I'm not really concerned with health and safety. Im just arguing the fact that transgenders have a clear unfair advantage competing against women. Im more concerned with the fact that the people making these determinations are motivated by political pressure as opposed to logic.
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  10. Okay my mistake. Some other posters here were making a health and safety argument.

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