Should we really be that worried about this coronavirus?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Mistersofty, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. What I wonder is if you can survive viral pneumonia without fancy hospital equipment (since pneumonia is a possible symptom of the virus and hospitals could get undersupplied).
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    One of the hospital near my house found a positive case. The news says he may have infected 55 people but the whole town is not wearing the masks yet...
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    Actually, Hank, masks are ineffective at protecting you from this virus. Frequent and thorough handwashing for at least 20 seconds, also social distancing are recommended. If possible, avoid large crowds of people. Best wishes my friend. :)
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    Freaky, @Hank Pym. Best of luck to everyone!
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    This thing is really dangerous because of it's exponential growth (40% increase per day). Mortality rate is not so bad (0.1-0.4%) IF health system hold on. Death rate becomes scary high (around 5 %) if health system gets overwhelmed. We have 4 % women and 7 % death rate in Italy because health system's capacities were overrun. 50-70 % of people will most probably get infected it's just a matter how fast. We have to prolong infection period as much as possible. That's why self isolation is so important.

    This is literally race against time. A lot of people will die if we fail:

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