Should we support nationwide ban on pornography?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Davekransberg, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Davekransberg

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    As a disclaimer, I know every country has different regulations regarding porn, so my suggestion on the title won't be that simple. My only intention is to tell the benefits of living in a country where porn is illegal.

    I have a friend who lives in Indonesia. This country is notorious for being super restrictive when it comes to pornography. Pretty much all the popular porn sites are inaccessible in here. At one point, Tumblr was blocked. I mean sure, there are some Tumblr accounts who post a lot of porn into the website, but most people use this site to post aesthetic pictures or even make money from creating commissions. The same goes for DeviantArt, there are a lot of weird porn in there. Thankfully Tumblr is no longer blocked. However, Reddit is still blocked up until this second. Yeah, Reddit. Oh, and Netflix is blocked by one of the internet providers. They're really that strict.

    Yes, of course you can use VPN or proxy to circumvent the blocker but let's not get into that. My friend can't afford to subscribe to a VPN service, even though he's really worried about his internet safety. He's also worried that he will end up using the VPN service to access porn sites.

    He has a website blocker app in his phone and computer called Blocksite (just like me). He wrote down all the porn sites that are yet to be blocked by the Indonesian government AND all the proxy sites that he can find on the internet into the app. He has no reason to use these proxy sites other than to watch porn so he decided to block all of them.

    He is still struggling to quit as of today (again, just like me. We are all in this together). However, he recently found out that he can report any shady sites, not just porn, to the government to be blocked through an official website. These shady sites include porn, gambling sites, scam, ponzi scheme, phishing, illegal movie streaming sites, etc.

    The year 2020 has just started and he wanted to make a real change to end his porn addiction. That is why he decided to become a snitch. All the porn sites that he used to visit are now blocked or in the process of being blocked thanks to him. He told me it was empowering to be able to fight back all of these websites that used to waste his time and energy back then by shutting them off for good. It took about ten days for a website to be blocked. He told me the moment he saw a porn video site that he used to visit is no longer accessible to him, he was ecstatic. He felt like he can actually do something to make a change.

    This is the website for reporting these suspicious sites: . Luckily he's pretty fluent in Bahasa, so he's able to write down a description for each website.

    "But Dave, proxy and website unblockers are still a thing, right?"

    Like I said before, he has Blocksite installed in his gadgets. That would prevent him from accessing these shortcuts to porn. I know it's not perfect, because in the end we will all have to rely on our willpower to resist the temptations. However, a combination of website blocker apps and living in a country where porn is deemed illegal could be beneficial for a porn addict. I know a lot of porn addicts who live in countries like the US are struggling to quit because the country supports the porn industry. I mean, look what's currently happening with the founder of NoFap.

    So, here's my question: should we make porn illegal everywhere? I know it's not that simple, but this could be a great discussion.
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  2. Epic Flight

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    While it is very tempting for me to say "yes, lets block it" and I believe this will be a opinion if a majority - I will not say it.

    Im a very firm believer in the free options to decide.

    That decission should be on each of us and MUST BE BASED ON EDUCATION.

    There is no education on porn in the schools. That is what must change.

    I dont want people be degraded in to the little kids and the authorities and country governments into a big parrents.

    There will ALWAYS be dangers in life and what we need to do us EDUCATE ppl about them so THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN DECISSIONS.

    I wanr people to be able to decide on their own and Im absolutely against delegating this process to some governments and policies.

    Its a slippery slope, tempting "simple" solution - ban it! But it will only create a black market, which is even more dangerous than the banned activity. You cant eradicate porn. But u can teach ppl to avoid it.

    Education over repression.

    Power to the people :)
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  3. Teenebay

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    A pronography is also a product of wisdom or art. In most chapters of TV series,we find that porngraphy is also a means of culture or era information. So why must ban?
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  4. Davekransberg

    Davekransberg Fapstronaut

    This is exactly the reason I put a disclaimer on top of the post. It is simply not that simple.
  5. skaterdrew

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    Even if they could ban pornography, what exactly would they be banning? What is categorised as pornographic content? So porn websites, pornographic videos, pornographic images.

    But what about near nude images and videos of stunning women on social media? Would these be banned to? What about near nude videos of stunning women on youtube? Would these be banned to?

    The issue is it doesn't actually need to be categorised as pornographic content for it to be damaging. For instance these days the most thing that turns me on is chatting to women on social media and looking at all their pictures and videos on there. This turns me on more than watching pornographic videos.

    For me the problem wouldn't be solved if what is categorised as pornographic content got banned.
  6. CodeTalker

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    As much as I want porn to be banned worldwide, I think the first thing to do now is to create a real barrier to prevent children from accessing it.
    Also creating a list of people who can’t access it (like for some gambling addict and casino).

    Something like using a social security number, like they do in Korea.
  7. Websites which provide primarily adult content. Of course, something posted on social media which doesn't violate the ToS isn't likely to be problematic in the eyes of the law (e.g. a generic photo containing nudity).

    It's noble to think that banning pornography outright is a good thing, but it really isn't imo. Most people don't have a problem with it in moderation, and so they aren't going to be in favour of having that taken away from them. The most important thing is to ensure children cannot access it with ease. Quite often, exposure to porn at a young age is deterimental, and something I often note amongst nofappers is their age when first stumbling upon it... especially during circa 199x-2010 when pop-ups and other degenerate content were constantly being forced onto us when doing seemingly innocent things.
  8. CodeTalker

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    Even if you are not addicted, it has a bad influence, it’s just messed up. And the industry can be really shady. Beside some famous pornstar, a lot don’t make much money and some are exploited or forced to participate.

    But like I said, I wish it was doable but I know it’s not. Protecting children should be possible and it’s the priority.
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  9. Hexham C

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    I agree (or at least I think I do) with you guys who say that viewing pornography should probably remain the choice of the consumer. But CodeTalker is absolutely right that children should be protected. We already ban children from watching it but in reality they can't escape it! Government, websites and ISPs can do more to protect kids.

    I'm not sure that watching P should be banned, but I do think there should be more restrictions on making it and distributing it. Making violent videos (or simulated violence), IMO, should be banned. I guess this definition would be subjective, but the government already rates movies according to how violent they are. Also the government already defines what P is - because it is illegal for anyone under 18 to appear in it or to watch it.

    Finally I actually think 18 is too young for people to perform in P. You can't drink until you're 21 (here in the US). Do you think the legal age for performing in pornography should be raised to 21? I do.
  10. Overforme

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    It needs to be banned and illegal. There should be no one here that is actually struggling now from it supporting it for any reason at all!
  11. CodeTalker

    CodeTalker Fapstronaut

    The thing is we have to be realistic. Porn industry is huge, 30% of all internet bandwidth and billions in revenue. You know it can’t disappear.
  12. Pathofsuccess_1

    Pathofsuccess_1 Fapstronaut

    Yes. Although I think it would take several years to possibly decade(s), I think we should ban and eradicate the porn industry.
  13. Jerseyguy1963

    Jerseyguy1963 Fapstronaut

    Government oppression is never the answer.

    The opioid crisis is getting much, much better.

    Please don't read that to say that nobody has a problem with painkillers, anymore. Many people are still suffering.

    But, it is better than it was just two years ago.


    Worldwide, people educated themselves on the dangers of opioids. We all underwent a cultural change.

    I remember a couple of years ago when Tumblr stopped posting pornographic content. I was so angry that I deleted my Tumblr. Many, many other people reacted the same way. Now, Tumblr is struggling financially because so many people had the same reaction.

    If you want to turn the porn industry into heroes, take legislative action to shut them down. You'll see millions of people rally around them.

    What is needed is education as to the dangers of porn - not government oppression. Before December 22, I legit nad no idea that porn was harmful. I was damaging myself and I didn't even know it.

    If you want to take action, let people know it's a problem.

    I did my part in my opening week classes this week. I'm a professor of history. Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not believe that modernity is a good thing. Every semester I start my classes with a discussion of the things that are wrong with the modern world ranging from opioids to broken relationships to the end of romance to increasing levels of depression and anxiety.

    This time was different. This time I included porn addiction to the discussion. It was surprising how receptive my students were to the discussion.

    If you want to grow the porn industry, try to shut them down. You'll succeed only in adding to their mystique.

    Education and cultural change are the answer.

    Sunlight is the most powerful disinfectant.
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  14. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    A ban never helped anybody. People will find ways to propagate it, and justice system will get even more taxed. So I don't think a ban is gonna work.
  15. sfmark12

    sfmark12 Fapstronaut

    Just as much as I do not like tobacco products and cigarettes and am urged to ban them. Who am I do to so? If you want to do that shit do it I cant decide for you. But people should be educated about pornography. Like how tobacco products have "will cause mouth cancer" porn should have "will destroy mentality and ruin your relationships."
  16. bilb0

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    Hey guys. Sorry to bother here. I really need AP. Maybe Line or WA is good. I'm Indonesian, 18 years old. My teenage years are filled with this unhealthy habit. I really want to stop . Please, PM me if someone interested in making a group. Thanks.

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