Should white people be allowed to write books about minorities?

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  1. Idk if any of these responses about people being "too dramatic" are directed at me, but if so, I don't think you understand the situation fully. Because it's not at all "too dramatic" of me to speak out against this. It's discrimination in the industry I work in, and I have the right to speak out against that. If you don't like it, don't read it. But don't tell me to not talk about it.
  2. What you don't seem to understand is that we are no longer talking about silly notions floating about in the realm of ideas. The people who hold these ideas have a coercive, totalitarian mentality. Their control of the mainstream media and higher education is bringing the power to punish people into their hands.

    This makes me angry because the language of tolerance is being used by the fanatically intolerant left to strip away the rights not only of people who disagree, but of people who don't agree fervently enough.

    I don't go looking for reasons to be angry, but no one can have any contact at all any more with the wider world without having this shoved in their faces. The progressive agenda is relentless and all-intrusive and it is destroying all the bonds of trust and civility that keep a nation together.

    Abstract ideas have very real consequences once the people who hold those ideas gain power. People who are angered by this are angered by it because by now it is obvious where ignoring these absurd ideas has put us: on the road to civil war. This is how civil wars come about: one side demonises and dehumanises the other side. Sooner or later, the other side is happy to reciprocate. All communication breaks down. Then the killing begins.

    We have already gone far down this path. The progressive left pushes us farther at every opportunity. Only a purblind person could fail to see what's coming. Anyone who goes about bleating, "just ignore them" at this late hour lacks either the integrity or the intelligence to see what's right in front of them.
  3. Exactly! It's not the far-left that scares me, it's the retaliation of the far-right. Anti-fascists are influencing the creation of fascism.
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    They don't though, you're paranoid. Take the tin foil hat off. Executives and senior professors who control mainstream media or higher education don't care if a white person writes a book about a minority. Sorry, to rain on your 'im a victim' parade party.

    Most of society doesn't care about this issue either. The only people who care are apparently you guys in this thread who are losing your shit over something that literally doesn't exist in the real word - save for some crazy libtard who made a youtube video about it.

    "oh the world is going PC crazy, I can't say what I want, im a victim, *sob* *sob*". Oh wait, Donald Trump the least PC person in american politics as far as anyone can remember is literally president and nearly half the country voted for him.

    Clearly we aren't going PC crazy, but we are entering an age of: "self victimisation". There are many perfect examples of self victimisation, this thread being one of them.

    This is the most dramatic shit i've ever read on these forums. Some non-binary individual on youtube said white people can't write a book. The civil war is coming guys.

    I'm so sorry you have been demonised and dehumanised by a YouTube video or by someone who has an opinion you don't agree with.
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  5. No, white people can write about a black or whatever character. Your friend that made the video is possibly a SJW
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  6. Twattage.
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  7. When it comes to "spreading the message", I was talking more about things I've seen in the past, not necessarily your thread. For example, somebody decided to make a thread back then about how offensive the Gillette ad apparently was, but by doing so, I learned what Gillette was, which is what they wanted in the end. Publicity.

    The video itself is fine and I still concur that it is ridiculous, although I doubt it's as big a deal as folks are making it out to be. So a few people say white people shouldn't write books about minorities. So what? Yes, it's absurd, but it's precisely because it's so mindnumbingly absurd that this kind of thinking is extremely uncommon, at least from my perspective. I never knew about this until you made a thread about it and I doubt most people on this site are deep into the writing scene. It's not as if they're saying white people shouldn't exist at all nor is this kind of thinking something that's very common at all. Most individuals would recognize another's personal freedoms to write whatever they like.

    I do admit, however, that I don't know much about writing communities and accept the possibility of being wrong that it's uncommon, although we can understand that a belief can seem common when it's really just a louder voice than the rest. But from taking a quick scan of the comments section from the video you linked, most people there would agree with you on how absurd it is. So I ask, how is it a movement, exactly?

    So unless it was actually being enforced by law (which it never will), I don't really understand why you're so angry about it, excluding your obvious passion for writing. I don't see how it's a "freaking nightmare" when the only place it exists is in the minds of a few foolish strangers on the Internet.

    The only example I can see it affecting folks in the real world is when you mention SOME publishers refusing to publish books written by white people based on minorities, but there's an easy fix to this. Take your business somewhere else. Let them suffer the financial fallout for their foolish thinking.

    As for the "dramatic" part of my comment, it's referring to posts like the one I will quote directly below me.
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  8. This is a HUGE slippery slope fallacy, which is only based on something far more trivial than what you're talking about. White people can't write books about minorities (which is still false because there are plenty of white people doing that anyway, so it's not as if it's being enforced) and this will somehow lead to civil war.

    All because a certain race can't write books about certain people. If anything like you described were even possible, it would've happened already. Most people don't have hair triggers, we're not wild animals. Sheesh.
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    Yes, omg the world is collapsing
  10. I compare your title to: "Can Germans write about Jews?". Yes. Free speech doesn't just apply to the people that need it the most, or that everyone thinks needs it the most when put into context.... people are biased either way.
    (Also, I'm not white, my skin is red-to-tan-to-white. My race is American. Land of the taxes, home of the laws.)
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  11. With all due respect, I think you're just not aware of these issues because it's not an community you're familiar with. And you're making a determination based on the comments on one video. I was honestly shocked to see so many comments refuting that mindset, because almost every author I've met in the authortube community is pretty liberal and totally thinks that way. And actual publishers are starting to think that way too, which isn't surprising at all given how liberal a lot of media is. I feel like you're just saying it's not a common thought because you think it's dumb and you're assuming most people are reasonable enough to agree that it's dumb. But my experience in the writing community had shown the opposite.

    I think you're greatly over inflating how "angry" I am. I wouldn't even say I'm angry. I'm annoyed at best. I think you should stop trying to police people's feelings when they just want to vent about something for a minute. It's not that big of a deal, it's just something I thought was dumb and wanted to talk about.

    Yet again, you say "a few foolish strangers on the internet, which is so not even close to being accurate. This is much bigger than "a few strangers online." I've said that multiple times, and it's true, but you still just don't seem to believe or accept it.

    I mean sure, but I don't understand why you're getting so worked up about me talking about something. In my opinion, that's even sillier than my initial post. If you think it's dumb to complain about, then why are you essentially here complaining about me complaining? Seems a but hypocritical to me.

    I feel like you're making this an even bigger deal than I am. I have every right to talk to my friends about some weird, stupid thing someone said and get other people's opinions on the subject. I like conversation. I like talking to people about stuff. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Also, yes, right now it is only "some" publishers. But contrary to what you seem to believe for some reason, the reality is that these ideas are very popular among a lot of people these days, especially people in the writing community. So if tons of authors are praising this as a great decision, the authors saying it's wrong are going to be condemned as racist bigots somehow, and more and more publishers are going to get on board. Quite frankly, i know more about this than you, and that is the reality of the situation. So I think it's worth talking about.

    And you know what, honestly, I don't need to defend why I find this worth talking about. I think it's important, and if you don't, you don't have to participate in the conversation. I'm free to discuss whatever I want to discuss.
  12. You do realize that everything has to start somewhere, right? Obviously this isn't "being enforced" by every publisher at the moment, but I will not be surprised in the slightest if it becomes an industry standard across the board very soon. And that's not paranoia, it's realism, based on what I know of the industry and the trends I've observed for a while now.
  13. (reads original post)
    Ohhh I get it now xD
    This totally won't last. Next thing you hear, somebody wrote a book with a "minority" main character and then had someone else pose as the main author and themselves the co-author...

    The only part where this loophole fails is that I don't know any scifi aliens.
  14. Idk if it'll last or not, but it's just disappointing to be surrounded by so many dumb people who are so indignant abou their percieved moral high ground. I'm getting really tired of it.
  15. Nothing moral about telling someone they are not allowed to empathize with someone from another lifestyle.
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  16. The masses will always have the moral high ground. Morality is subjective. You just have to remind them that you're human too, your experience needs to be heard, even if from someone else's perspective. I guess the trouble is people are sometimes too afraid to listen. It's astonishing how easily people will forget the humanity of a person just to meet their own ends. Humanity is clever.
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  17. This is fair since I am not involved in the writing community and haven't looked for myself to see if you're right or not. With how liberal modern media is and how many people eat up said media, you could be right in that it's common within your community. But outside of it? I'm pretty skeptical on that.

    You're assuming I'm making assumptions off of your character when that isn't my intention at all, ergo you're redirecting yours back at me. If it wasn't obvious already, I'm trying to understand why you seemed angry based off of the following things you've mentioned:

    These all seemed pretty angry to me and I've seen threads you've started in the past ranting about other racism towards white people. Excuse me for thinking you were angry about it. I was asking you how is it a movement in an attempt to empathize and understand your point of view. If I were trying to police your feelings, I would directly tell you to stop letting it bother you, but I never said that, did I?

    More assumptions about me. I'm not worked up at all, I'm pretty calm and happy, actually. What in my posts eluded I was worked up? I also never said it was "dumb to complain about", that would be a subjective claim and not really contributing to the conversation. I'm not even complaining! If I was, I'd probably say something akin to the following:

    "I really don't understand why people find time to complain about the most trivial and irrelevant of things. Don't they have better things to do? Seriosuly, people need to relax, there's far worse things they can worry about in the world."

    But I'm not nor have I said that. So chill. All I said was I don't understand nor do I see.

    But I haven't even questioned your right to talk about things I might find weird or stupid.... :emoji_confused:

    This still strikes me as a slippery slope as well as an attempt to hide behind your own authority on the matter. The antithesis is still potentially true, that this will die out and not end up into some "anti-white writer" movement because not only do I still not see how one could think this could spread into something that is actively against white people at all, I think other issues in the world would come into question first. Like how in the US, in about 5 states, it's illegal to "misgender" someone and the penalty for that are fines up to $250,000 as well as possible jail time.

    A lot of people hold a lot of ideas and act on them, but the world is still the way it is now. So moving past the whole "I've seen these things, so I'm right, I haven't seen these things, so I'm right" part, why do you think this will turn into a big physical problem?
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  18. I can just imagine it:
    "I am a German who moved to US. I go to publisher asking to get my book about a Jewish boy published. Publisher says no because I'm German. I'm suing on account of the fact that I'm being accused of being a Nazi."

    "I am a wealthy white person with a fetish for dark bodies. I write several romantic dialogues between black and white people alike. I go to a publisher asking to be published and they say no because (communism) the minorities deserve the profit that would be gained from selling my book more than I do, even if they're rich, and I don't deserve to write about them because I offended each and every one of them. They attempt to take my book. I am suing because they tried to harm me."

    Lol. I laugh now....
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  19. "I am a white american who helped support black americans back in the (5,6)0s. I attended several civil rights movements and protests. Today I wrote a fictional novel from the perspective of a black person not meant to be realistic in any way. I go to my publisher and they say that since I helped the civil rights movement they will publish my book. I take my book with me when I leave and write a really bad review about them."
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