Should white people be allowed to write books about minorities?

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    It's the idiocy of intersectionality--the idea that your opinions are valuable to the extent that you 'intersect' as many minority groups as possible.

    Oh, you're a white, straight, Protestant male? You have nothing of value to say.

    You're a black, transgendered woman who practices Wicca and 'ethical non-monogamy'? Please, tell us your authoritative opinions about economic policy.

    (Note before the mods get uncomfortable: I'm not criticizing blacks, trans people, Wiccans, or those who choose alternatives to monogamy. I'm saying it's foolish to instantly give their opinions a higher value in civil society.)

    People who think like this deserve to be slaves to their own ignorance.
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    I can't stand this video.

    What this video missed was one final question: "If you were born in the United States of America, take 400 steps forward."

    Suddenly the disparity of 10-20 steps wouldn't seem so great, would it?
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    This sort of vindictive self-righteousness (as ironic as that is) needs to die in order for society to progress. White people have begun ritual self-flagellation. I, for one, find it utterly disgusting.

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