Should you look at P-subs?

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Is it ever a good idea to look at P-subs?

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  1. The answer is no. Absolutely not. Don't do what I just did earlier this morning. I spent a little of an hour looking at pictures and gifs of sexy women (I did see some tit pics in some places). I did not masturbate thankfully, otherwise that would make it a relapse. But let me tell you, don't ever look at P-subs, it's not worth it.

    Why? Because you are basically setting yourself up for failure. You are activating the same neural pathways that are activated from watching porn. The goal is to completely eliminate that neural pathway. If you are watching P-subs, then that neural pathway will never disappear.

    Chances are, you will also become far more prone to relapsing. Why? Because your mind won't want to thrive on just pictures of scantily clad model actresses. It will eventually start craving the real deal. It will start to crave softcore porn, and eventually, hardcore porn.

    If you keep watching P-subs, then chances are, you will likely end up back in the addiction again. All of your progress, all of your efforts, will end up going down the drain. And worst of all, you will end up having to restart the whole process all over again. That means you will have to go through the flatline again!

    So the way I think of P-subs, I think of it like playing with fire. It may seem cool to play around with a flamethrower, pretending to be the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 (I'm an avid fan of that game, so I wanted to make a reference), but it's not worth it.

    Why? Because A: you will end up burning yourself, ruining your own life. B: you will end up burning down the house, and you won't have anywhere to live. C: if you're with other people, then you might end up burning them on accident, losing your friendships with them. Or hell, you might even start a wildfire which would result in jailtime, let alone massive fines.

    Anyways, enough with the analogy. If you do find yourself watching P-subs, don't beat yourself up. As long as you don't fap, then that's just a slip-up. Just make sure to take a cold shower afterwards to kill off your sex drive so that you won't feel tempted again later. It will take a lot of willpower and discipline to get yourself out of that place and get back on track.

    So what is the moral of the story? Don't ever think about looking at P-subs. It's not worth it. Even if you're not going to fap, it's only going to stop you from healing. So whatever you do, don't look at porn or any sexually stimulating images. Don't even watch movies or TV shows that have sex scenes (especially those that are explicit).

    Even though it can be pretty difficult to avoid, it's not impossible. Yes, we live in a perverted and oversexualized society that shoves sex down our throat, treating us like animals. But once you build up willpower and discipline, sexually explicit material won't be so much of a problem as long as you don't purposely look up that degenerate shit online.

    So to wrap things up, it's safe to say, I am never going to do whatever the hell I was doing ever again. I have now learned my lesson, I have now learned from my mistake. Therefore, I will not do that shit ever again.

    I hope that you guys learn from this post. Just remember, don't make that same mistake I just made. If you're having urges, think of them like storms. No storm lasts forever. Just brave the storm and it will go away shortly. Just don't give in to the temptations of the devil.

    -Captain Rex
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  2. TwelveFoot

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    I saw this thread and was going to come in and yell "No, it's definitely not okay". But you've got it figured out, and that was a rhetorical question.

    Stay strong.
  3. Meditation Monk

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    You can do this brother. Keep up the good work. You have reached the five hundred day goal. Do not turn back on it.
  4. Nuo

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    It's so tempting my body [email protected]

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