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Shoulder back head straight...

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Pathless path, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Pathless path

    Pathless path Fapstronaut

    This is my third post here in this forum.English is not my first language so ignore all grammatical mistakes.
    Today I'm at day 59.My background is in my previous post.
    Why nofap:To see what this saved sexual energy can do if I do not engage in any sexual acts and thoughts(extreme no pmo).
    My findings till today:
    1.Your mind continuously tells you to go back but when u don't,ur self esteem increases which results in high confidence level.Each time you say no ur confidence grows higher.
    2.You don't tolerate any kind of shit by anyone anymore.U become agressive quickly and you are not even afraid of the consequences anymore.I personally have opt to become silent guy so that I don't engage into fighting in normal cases.Last time I nearly got into fighting when someone accidently hit my head in the bus, bus was crowded.
    3.You get more stamina.I hardly get tired.Even if I'm tired I'm refresh after quick rest.Before I was serious lazy guy but now I go to work then go to gym then go to home and see if there is anything to be done before I take rest.Nowadays I'm thinking what to do before work, I'm thinking about walking near the mountain Hills. I live near mountain.
    4.Digital world like Internet usage gives me sick feelings.I used to use Internet about 5-6hrs before now maybe 1-1.5 hrs (only if I think it is important).
    5.Can start conversation with even random strangers easily.
    6.Intense eyes.When I check mirror I see my eyes kind of relaxed, lazy type but bit intense.You know'this eyes have seen shit lot of things in life' kind of vibe.
    7.Change in fashion sense. I like to dress normal but different.My new fashion is short hair,moustache,shirt,jeans and boots.Before I didn't care about clothes.Now I plan first and then wear.
    8.Cleanliness has become main thing for me.I stay clean and clean my room and house.Before I was lazy even to clean my room,not anymore.
    9.You get aroused by real life girls.Internet nudity and girls make my head turn away.This happens automatically.Real life girls gives u high.There is one saying-welcome to nofap where ur penis is a loaded gun and every girl is 10.
    10.Okay about attraction thing; People notice you a lot even men.I think because U have high confidence and u carry yourself differently(body language,behaviour) which makes you stand out from all the fappers.Women really start getting attracted to you, I found this to be true in my case.

    Final words:All these are my genuine experiences, I am not here to boast about me.I decided to write because this site is the foundation of my nofap journey so I am obliged to give back.This site was a friend of mine in times of irresistible urges.I have no words to thank.So all brothers and sisters in here let's all go together till we find light.Lets get rid of all the brainwashing and fake stuffs from our life because we wouldnt like the feeling of regret about the wasted times,lost opportunities and living half life when we are in our deathbed.Thank You.
  2. Mkngitwrk

    Mkngitwrk Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Discoverr

    Discoverr Fapstronaut

    I am too excited to see these changes in me. And u have achieved it in just 59 days. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
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  4. j_pwc_bat

    j_pwc_bat Fapstronaut

    GREAT JOB ....... 59 DAYS !!!!

    Yeah... love the extra Confidence and Strength ....... the availability of Explosive Strength.
    Got to be careful though -- only Explode on criminals [pos --- pieces of sh_t]....... 95 % of people are good or neutral.
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  5. Mkngitwrk

    Mkngitwrk Fapstronaut

    Yes being confident is great being a jerk is not. There are ways to put others in their place without being aggressive or an ass. Too much confidence may lead to cockiness and that is not a good quality. I have had a couple of confrontations with others and used techniques my therapist shared and they work. People either apologize or leave me be.
  6. Gideonite

    Gideonite Fapstronaut

    Congrats on your 60 days brother, and thanks for sharing your benefits along your path of success. Keep fighting the good fight!
  7. Ah man i think the confidence part is gonna make me a dickhead or bully when i reboot.
    Even though i'm a porn addict i still think high of myself and have to much confidence. My mom even says i'm narcistic so i guess i'll have to change my attitude aswell then...

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