Shouldn't mastrubating have some evolutionary benefits?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Neveragainporn, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Almost all men and most woman mastrubate since the existing of our species. You would think that there has to be evolutionary benifts that comes from this act. Yet I hear Nofappers talk about the great merits of not mastrubating at all. Generally speaking you wouldn't expect that doing the opposite of what your biological body is trying to tell is the best option.
    This contraction doesn't make sense to me. The only explanation I can think off is that it keeps Males from beeing to aggresive thus becoming a outcast of the community.
    What do guys think?
  2. I think that if my grand-grand father had high speed internet access and spent most of his day jacking off inside his room I don't think I would be here...
  3. Perhaps if evolution was real, there would be some benefits.
  4. I don't think that occasionally masturbating is necessarily a bad thing.
    We have caveman brains. We evolved in a world where there was no photography, let alone internet porn. When you saw the image of a woman, you were actually seeing a woman. Our ancestors didn't have all this media to feed their imaginations. They didn't get to pass much time alone in the comfort of their own bedrooms either.
  5. Gotham Outlaw

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    They're hostile because they aren't having sex. That's my theory anyway.
  6. Jup1t3r

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    That’s an interesting idea, though to be honest man may have had a very good reason to encourage aggression.

    Personally I don’t think masturbation is an issue at all, but we’re not living in the real world. Just escaping
  7. My partner isn't having sex right now, and nor does he watch porn or masturbate but he isn't aggressive or angry in the slightest. I get blokes getting hostile with steroids as so far there's science behind that, but I think a lot just use the fallacy that men in general are naturally aggressive to try and validate just being an arsehole.
  8. Theamos

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    Mb when done in moderation and not addictive is healthy. Most guys have 1000 ejaculations before actually having sex. This allows you to explore your body and understand your response. Most guy relieve stress by mastubation.
    So yes it has benefits
    The negative is when it consumes your life and you purse it over human contact
  9. u376

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    i dont think and i never will
    that masturbation has benefits
    its just a stress buster which further depletes your body
  10. Just the fact that a trait exists in a species doesn't mean it was in any time beneficial.
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  11. Michaeldra

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    Well the evolutionary thing about is just that, alpha male gets to bang the hottest girls while the beta males go and jerk off.. pretty much my explanation
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  12. SuperiorMan95

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    I mean look, if we had no porn at all, an occasional wank wouldn't be the end of the world. But the fact is that having that "occasional wank" mindset doesn't work in todays world. It's too easy to fall off and become addicted to arousal.

    It's like sugar. Is sugar bad? Its not all bad. In fact it was scarce back in the caveman days. You only found it like once a year when you found a beehive and binged on the honey but other than that, sugar was nowhere to be found.
  13. Fausterity

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    exactly. The benefit of masturbation was that you didn't go and try to have sex with one of the alpha's harem, and then get your head bashed in with a rock. This is why pmo makes men beta. Your brain evolved to assume that if you're masturbating you can't get a real woman.
  14. Infrasapiens

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    Of course there are benefits, the other day I had a wet dream and impregnated myself. I need no woman.
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  15. Masturbation is another great argument against the theory of evolution. If the whole of the human species was evolving towards greater efficiency, masturbation would be eradicated because it is basically synonomous to a disease. Masturbation is counter productive humans physical health, psychological health and our social order so it would be to our benefit to evolve past masturbation.
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  16. I don't think people MO'd since the beginning of our time.
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