Shout out to Alex and the whole NoFap community for being on the latest TIME Magazine cover.

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  1. Chef Boy

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    Access for non-Americans to all this publicity would be great. Would probably help us feel more involved. Good job, though.
  2. YO!
    For everyone outside US: You can read the article by using a VPN proxy service. I used ZenMate, which is a Mozilla add-on. It's easy to use.

    Reading the article at the moment, it's pretty good.

    Edit: For some reason I can no longer get to the article via ZenMate.
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  3. melancholy king

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    My supervisor happened to own a copy of the magazine... Overall it was well made and put together, it starts off with user accounts, then it provides some studies supporting the claims, although it does offer contrary opinions, it presents an outside perspective which is exactly what they should've done.

    I really wish it was more "eye catching" though, like they could've put "heavy porn users can get ED" or something like that in bright and bold words, but it was still informative, which as I said is what matters.
  4. this is the best news ever!

    im a newbie to nofap but im so glad to have become a member just as this "Time" addition is being published,

    i feel like im part of history being made!

    but i want to give massive respect to Alexander Rhodes, all the great moderators and all the long serving fapstronauts you are the people who have made this happen,

    i look up to you all with great respect and you should be dam proud of yourselves right now!
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  5. RAGE AGAINST THE "PORN" MACHINE..............................................FUCK YOU PORN INDUSTRY.........................WE ARE TAKING THE POWER BACK!!!!!!

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  6. do you mind taking some pics of the text and sharing it here? Also, I wonder if your co-worker is a fapstronaut lol
  7. melancholy king

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    she got the magazine from someone else... besides I highly doubt there is any sort of correlation between TIME subscriptions and Nofapitude.

    I asked her and she said I could keep it Friday, so in the least I will post pics of it then, mmmkay?
  8. Thanks!
  9. Demon Shark

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    when do you notice more attention from women?

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