Show me researched evidence that semen retention is beneficial?

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    Hi Guys, hope you well.
    Just joined to write my experience . I’ve Been reading about this semen retention and fap forums and for years unconscious and conscious I’ve been doing semen retention and I know its benefits. Just a quick summary of who I am: husband and father ,professional , I’m tall good looking guy , athletic well built, socialable,positive,outgoing and mean. I always attracted all sorts of girls 6’s to 10’s ,whites , blacks ( all shades) asians , latins , Nordics , even gays (although never had gay experience and never intend.I’m straight man) first due to my looks (Im black light skin but black still,people say I’m a strange mix although my parents both black light and dark skin) Just got luck being comely and smart.Period.
    In the past I did SR in a very innocent way. Whenever I had something important to do i.e. (study, projects, and even when I needed to get money (via honest ways ) in sales business I would quit everything for a period of time that would give me pleasure Until I reached my goals.
    Last example it took me 3 years and 5 months 2014 to 2018 to start and finish a project. The budget was low but needed it to be done. I can tell you I only ejaculate 5 times with gaps of 8 to 6 months and sucessfully I finished.Then I fathered my child and in one year I only ejaculate 4 times and now over 6 months without cuming. I jerked off when I was a teen and early adult. It’s just silly . It was a friend older than me who asked if I knew what jerking off was and innocently I replied yes it’s fucking a woman not jerk off moron .He laughed at me and he mimic masturbation. You guys know the rest... went to bed early to try that shit. Gladly I never been porn addict and jerking off I always found stupid even I did it from time to time.Although I was involved with sports and I managed to kept a good levels of power. But now I know if that devil didn’t come my way it would be way better. I used to think of sex all the time after jerking off experience I remember I was pure and stupid at times although nothing would hit me it was a protection . When I grew older early 20’s I started to retain more and more and managed to scape to that plague.i see this friend from time to time and his a piece of shit loves porn and I believe he likes to jerking off a lot , he has a pervert face and suffers from lower back pain and drinks everyday. I’m 42 however i look late 20’s early 30’s due to my regime. Zero porn zero jerking off sports and good diet. Now I’m taken ,but before girls would jerking me off and fuck me. Due to my looks many wanted me as a trophy others I believe they liked me I don’t know I just loved 3 girls and they were my girlfriends and now my wife.I’m a God believer. I learnt lot by reading the bible. You must save your semen God will find you a woman. Its all an illusion. You as a man must overcome lust. Trust me On semen retention when you go for long periods of time the energy you have inside it’s a magnet and a protection too . One thing ,my coworkers females the ones who are good looking and promiscuous despite their dresses and rich wallets they like me and hate me and I know why , also you guys who are on SR over a few months. Imbalances then. Even one told me your sex energy bothers me. I laughed and called her crazy and told her if she carry on I would report her to our administration I’m a husband a father I demand respect. She got scared and I laughed at her with a very serious look.Bottom line guys live your life as a proper man. Do not be misleading by easy things. When things getting difficult means you are closer. Shut down this Fap thing and live a natural life.Masturbation it’s against nature. If you are against nature you are against you. Take care and always remember it’s all about survival and by retaining your seed you are more than half way through. Keep on keeping

    Ps: When wet dreams occur do not overthink or get discouraged its only the prostatic water discharged,a very very small semen amount is lost if there is any. Your body just need to release it .Be aware the body is a highly sophisticated “ machine “ who knows very well what needs to go out and what to keep inside. remember the body knows to beak down proteins carbs, vitamins etc etc everything you put in and and throw out the excess of its. On this note you can fucking relax about it.You only wake up with that pleasure feeling but not with a sexual need. For those who are not aware 1 jerking off =7 times sex with a woman. Told by a 70 something years old man friend of mine who looks like late 50’s .Just keep that in mind . Wish you all the best and enjoy life .
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    Why do you need somebody to tell you the benifits. Do it yourself and find out.
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  3. To the original poster of the thread, I don't think that the science of today has fully study human sexual reaction between two people. I think what you need to do is some personal studying between you and yourself. You don't need others to tell you how certain stuff effects one person. Just study yourself and see where it can take you.
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    No Orgasm = No disturbed Dopamine-Testosterone-Serotonin rise and no prolactin hijacking other hormones, thus people subconsciously feeling your High Serotonin-Testosterone-Dopamine personality and it is also what causes the "retentioner's spark", that makes your eyes, hair, skin and posture look confident, healthy and unbreakable.
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    Lot's of anecdotal accounts but I'm yet to see some good links. I definitely think retaining semen to an extent is good but I think after a month or so it might be healthy to expel it. It also interest me that, if there are so many benefits like you are claiming, do we just lose those benefits when we want to have children?
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    By your reasoning, lack of scientific evidence (i.e. of human knowledge) equates to non-existence. Did gravity not exist 400 years ago just because Newton had not brought it into the realm of human knowledge?
    Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.
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    By that logic, Santa exists too.
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    You obviously didn't follow. I'm pointing out your inaccuracy that just because there is no evidence at the present time does not mean something does not exist. If you don't see the difference between that and whether Santa exists then your logic clearly belongs in Lala land.
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    Well, you do make sense. But until then, and as a person who is 160 days in, I can say I haven't experienced any kind of benefit since I started.

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