Since IG/images of hot (clothed) girls is bad, how the f-ck did you get through NoFap?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 786Man, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. 786Man

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    I made it successfully 33 days from December 1st-January 2nd until I read on here that looking at pictures of hot chicks on Instagram was considered a relapse, so I said F it and jerked off to real porn. Between then and last week Thursday I continued PMOing, with the occasional 1-2 day streak here and there. Since last Thursday, I made it 4 days, not including today.

    However, in the library on campus today I found myself casually scrolling through IG looking at fine chicks in tight/revealing clothes or bathing suits. Then I thought about it and said damn. My question is, NoFap without occasional pictures of hot chicks is hard as hell, considering that girls in skimpy clothing are almost EVERYWHERE we look, and the fact that I browse social media of hot girls without a second thought. So my question is, how the hell did you guys get through this? Pardon my language, but I only curse when I'm frustrated, and this is HARD AS FUCKKKKKK.
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  2. Jen@8675309

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    It's hard as fuckkkkk because you keep torturing yourself by looking at those images. IG and things like that are considered p-subs: porn substitutes. This means that even though they're not actually pornographic, they have the same affect on your brain as actual porn does. If you want to make this reboot easier, you MUST treat all p-subs as porn and stop looking. You're kind of looking at this backwards...NoFap isn't hard to do because of all the hot're making it harder on yourself BECAUSE of those pictures.

    Nobody said this was easy, but you're just adding an extra layer of difficulty to it and there's no rewards or bonuses for making this even more difficult than it needs to be.
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    True, pictures of hot girls with skimpy outfits or lack there of are everywhere. They are even on billboards along the freeway. My take to this is, if I see it and entertain what I just saw by fantasizing and feeding into what I just saw, it becomes a problem. By fantasizing about it, it has replaced the idea of a real relationship. Also, by feeding and entertaining the fantasy, it is like stepping your foot into a trap to the point that pretty soon, I eventually ended up looking at full blown porn. And then wonder to myself how in the world did I get into looking at porn again.
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    I can relate to this, its incredibly frustrating how strict it is. About a year ago in March/February, I relapsed after 120 days of monk mode. Do you know what caused me to relapse? - I was just watching the news (not purposely to see the newslady), when I saw that the skirt of the newsreader was shorter than Ive ever seen in the past. This ended up being a massive trigger - over the next couple of days, it started out as a peek, and then compulsive instagram/google hunting and then slid all the way to porn, and then the chaser effect afterwards. The fact that I have not had a similar streak since then shows how hard this can be.

    Ive only recently got my act together with nofap, and my last streak was only 10 days. Thats with 2-3+ hours meditation daily, 1 hr exercise, trying to divert the energy by learning new skills, etc. What I learned was that as long as we think we are weaker than the urge, we will definitely relapse. As long as the urge is our adversary, we will definitely relapse. The urge itself is not necessarily bad. Its like working out - the only way to grow is by developing resilience against the urge.

    If you see a picture of a girl in a bikini while in a supermarket, stop. Watch the urge, be patient with yourself, because until now, the only way your brain knows how to deal with it is to fantasize until the energy of thought is so strong that it overcomes the will. Instead, these triggers are opportunities for you to resist, and the more you resist, the stronger you can potentially become. Just think, who the heck really tries to win over urges and likings and tendencies nowadays? Maybe professional athletes, military people, and in the old days monks. By doing nofap, you are really trying to do what they are doing in terms of working with your mind. That's why people see so many benefits with nofap, and thats why its a fight worth fighting

    If you do find yourself starting to browse, slow down a lot, watch the thoughts and your breathing, be patient with the thoughts and dont compulsively click from picture to picture - you may find the strength to close out the internet in the meantime.

    Its not a matter of avoiding the trigger, its developing the strength and patience to let yourself adjust and grow from the pain associated with the urge. Each time you relapse, find one thing that went wrong, and work on it the next time. Its OK, you are attempting a difficult thing, just keep on keeping on towards the path of self mastery. Dont do the same thing each time, and be creative with approaches.
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  5. Jesb

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    Delete all triggers off your phone. Longest streak I have had was 24 days. Relapsed and said fuck it. Deleted every dating app off my phone. Deleted Instagram.
  6. Hitto

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    Instagram is a facade get rid of it I'm so much better for it

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