Single all my life.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by onix, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. onix

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    I'm 32 years old and been single all my life.
    Is it to late for me?

    My self-esteem was crushed back in school and even more a good 10 years after that. I don't like meeting new people but at the same time I want a connection.
    I don't like my body, mostly because of the amount of body hair that I have and I've grown to think that the opposite sex will automatically think that It's disgusting. I assume people will think that I am a complete loser because I haven't done nothing with my life when the truth is I tried all that I can and gotten nowhere.

    I feel that I'm worthless. I feel like I can do more but everyone I meet, tells me I'm not good enough.
    Sometimes I think whats the point in living if I can't have a life.
  2. GeeJ

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    You are only 32 it can not be to late to be in a relationship and do whatever you dream of doing.
  3. The average person dies at around 70-80, so you have like 40 years to do all the things you wanna do. Whenever I feel like I've wasted my high school years (I'm only 17), I just remember I still have decades to redeem myself.
  4. Le 18

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    I used to hate that I was skinny as fuck. And what did I do? I worked out and gained weight. You say you dont like your hair. Roger that, fix the problem. You can shave or trim it.

    It seems your self-esteem is low. Try working out and if you already have tried working out but havent seen any results. Work out again but with an another aproach. Create a new routine that actually works. Yeah, Covid can affect some aspects in life and you might not be able to go to the gym and train but do it at home.

    Dude, just do things you love and try to improve yourself but with a new aproach. Also, dont let people tell you what you are worth. YOU are the one who desides what YOU are worth.

    Wish you luck.
  5. Little Prince

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    Like others said, you can resolve the hairiness issue with some trimming. I just set the trimmer to like 1 cm or something and it works. That's like half an inch btw but you could try a few settings see what works for you. I only trim like once a month so it's not even much of an effort.
  6. PowerOverMind

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    You say people tell you you're not enough, ask yourself, do these people care about you? Do you look up to those people? Are they successful in life? If the answer is no to all of these, then I suggest you don't listen to them, maybe to not hang out with them as much. You can earn your body image issues, like others have said you can completely remove the hair or trim. Start exercising. Take in new activities or interests. No matter what you do next it can't be you sitting idly and feeling sorry for yourself. You have to take action man, one step at a time. The most important thing is consistency, never give up. It's never too late, slowly life will turn around for you.
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