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  1. I’ve noticed where I work there is a lot of mixed families nowadays. Children that have different last names than their parents. Wives and husbands have different last names. Wives don’t change their last names to their husbands anymore, or if they do, they put a hyphen in between, like Jones-Harris

    Idk if this split family, mixed family dynamic is healthy. There is also a lot of diagnosed anxiety and depression disorders nowadays. Idk if the split/mixed family thing is part of it…

    Just seems sad and unnecessary that the core family is split up so much nowadays. The marriage vow is not taken seriously enough… till death separate us ..
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    Good that you take marriage seriously.
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  3. Welcome to the real world. This is the future where marriages are fewer than ever before. Those that do get married end up in a divorce sooner or later, irrespective of whether they have kids or not. And the kids that do grow up nowadays have single or no parents. Also to note is that those that do get married respect marriage a lot more than those that don't. And kids of the next generation, even though they are growing up with single or no parents are still absolutely intelligent, inquisitive and wiser than the previous generations.

    I am from India, and it's quite pleasing notion to see a lot of arranged marriages collapsing. Love marriages as they say in India (mostly against family wishes) are increasing. This helps society better integrate with one another than the previous generations of segregations. The more marriages in India collapse, the more the society will come to terms with the current world situation. Disruption is an excellent path that leads to progress. Social disruption leading to social innovation. Change is the only constant.

    Dudes who are so crazy about avoiding single moms, just a word of caution. Anyone you marry, there's an 80% chance that you will end up in a divorce. There is a possibility that you might end up as a single dad. And when you go out dating again, you will come accross women who will reject you just because you have a "baggage". Trust me, life will bite you back.

    For all the dudes who do end up marrying single moms, bravo. You are brave as you are generous. Because the moment you marry, you are exposing yourself to the danger of a divorce where the woman you loved is going to rip you apart financially. She will just take everything you worked so hard for. You may wonder why someone would wrong you even though you are a nice person. You did all the right things, and still end up disappointed. And knowing very well that you are putting your own life in danger, you put trust and tried to do the right thing. Bravo. We need more such brave souls in this world. And from people who do the right thing inspite of all the wrongs that can go against them, is what makes this world go round.

    Note for the original poster: You my friend, please don't date a single mom. If you do, your parents will give her hell, and they will give you hell for even dating her. Single parents already have a lot to deal with in this world. The last thing she wants is a judgemental boyfried and nosy in-laws. Please do her a favour and stay away from her.
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