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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by depeche69, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Hi Guys,

    i'm over 30 and i had never a relationship with women.
    Sexual experience only with hookers. I personally don't have a problem with this.
    Still searching for a women and hoping SemenRetention will help me.

    Only problem ist my work environment. Because i am single since many years and not able to find a girlfriend. They see me as a loser and makes jokes about this. It is really humiliating.

    Changing the company is not an option because i like my work and my income and i also have the experience in other companies, that as a single you have allways there the same problems.

    Do you have experience with this and how do you deal with this? Whats your common answers to this questions?
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    It seems a rather toxic environment you work in. I am single, over 30 too, and if you are competent in your job and you like it, you shouldn't feel humiliated. You might need to address those people who make fun of you.

    I got fame of mean at work because I make acid comments. When someone brings a child to the workplace, sometimes for a very valid reason, medical treatment, THEY KNOW I will make an acid comment. Like "is this a kindergarten now". I do say those types of things.

    In your case, you have even more edge to say those types of things. Be aggressive. Boast how much money you have for not having kids. I last month, butted in a conversation, people were talking about short money because of our low budget supermarket ticket, and I jumped in the conversation, hearing they had a low cash on it, and I said it, out loud: "I have 3 months accumulated, can't seem to find a way to spend it all, hahaha". They had a bitter smile.

    Truly enjoy those things and throw this to their faces you might feel better but take it easy don't be a jerk, LOL. Good luck!
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    First thing you have to do is make them respect u. Tell them I know u think its funny making Jokes About it. I rather have you give me tips and help me out. I think when you tell them this they show u respect for be this direct.
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    What are you talking about? This is how you become a jerk, by saying things like this.

    Your personal life is as private or as open as you make it. Nobody has to know what your relationship status is. Do your work, keep your head down, and move on with your life. Not every work environment is the same.
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    If you really struggle with women you should try hitting the gym man, not just physically but overall you'll be more confident and sure you will find someone, or try a dating app
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  6. safa61947

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    Are you suggesting OP to do the above when his coworkers are mocking him for being single? Please, share your wonderful ideas.
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    I worked in and do to extent still do work in an enviorment where a single male is looked at different. This my friend is not your job or workplace its a very real societal subcon bias. Most dont even know they do it. I have personally seen the difference between men saying they are married w/ children and men say they are single arise in their careers. While nowadays fundamentals are changing drastically. People-men especially( the more socio/economic favorable ones by mating terms especially) are putting off marriage,buying a home etc. Our economy at least in the West IS BUILT off consumption and we manufacture almost NOTHING any more lol...its not politics its just economic reality. Its a economic recipe for disaster the world over many take as common knowledge and have for centuries. Men of child bearing age having free time? We cant have that empowerment or free thinking its stagnant for the socio control you need dudes to work. People belive what was programmed into the baby boomers. Get a degree,get a job,get a girl,start a family. Thats not the norm any more. That can be a huge recipe for endentured slavery and economic feudalism. You become a slave to a home payment and because of that your marriage goes south. Its not hard to understand. We werent meant to live like that. We were told to do so so that we could build up a deflated economy at that post war time. Then we enlarged ourselves to improve lives for sociopathic liars. Aside-The trend has been growing and because of economic drivers they put in place,they only have themselves to blame. This mindset is in the very fabric of most peoples thoughts. If you come to work,look good,confident,respected,work hard,keep focused,head down (especially first year and a half-think speak at certain times only) youll be fine,know your job...enjoy it even...your there a lot!! This is a rebirth . Social experiment.....add the notion your married....and your unstoppable. Its like bias credit sadly. People think,hes stable,focused,somebody fucks him,hes fucking someone.....add a kid,they think...hes gotten someone pregnant snd therefore his man cards in check......lets give him a leadership position. Think of it- whats the divorce rate now-75%...I know its over 50%...honestly. Not many happy marriages. What Im saying is YES theres a huge bias against single men. Men especially. Thats why society tells you you or we are the problem for everything. They know theyre going to piss you off so they make you a demon prior to creating the debate,intro the debate,then poof...instant patsy. Take a debate class. Youll understand 90% of whats going on as a sham. Let that work stuff wash over you my friend its bs. Ive known guys who for career sake tell everyone they work w/ theyre married and it works for them because yes,your private life is private an thats okay. Despite society and everyone hinting that its not. Do yourself one solid though-become active outside of work. Hike,bike,motorcycle,HIT training,rowing have a huge upper hand mentally. No children,just make money get s*** in line and make positive real connections?? spending time w/ someone because you want to not are forced? Thats crazy! No,its natural and its okay. Work, keep focused,be social outside of work to offset anxiety,make lady friends that you dont have sexy time with(and network) and youll be fine. The firing of the single guy is real to but thats out of your hands completly. Keep strong brother.
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