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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Patrick Mattisson, Mar 30, 2018.

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    I think it would be enough to stop reading after you mentioned that you were sexually assaulted by your brother.

    You went through a sexual trauma. That surely left mark on you. Maybe seek psychological help?
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    I admittedly didn't read all the posts in this thread as this is a hard subject for me to read about. However I will say that I also have/had issues with this to a certain extent. At the lowest point it made me really identify with it and life felt like a prison. My thought patterns were completely captured by it. But as I reboot and go on long clean streaks, my thought patterns have improved greatly. What once felt "natural", "normal" and "me" now is disgusting and makes no sense. I am slowly regaining my old self. I know what I am and what I want at my core. At my core beyond the addiction. You even admit that you want a nice girl to settle down with. This is your core feelings. I know that right now you may identify with this aspect of the P addiction greatly, but trust me as I say that it is a mirage only. Nofap is the way, the process takes time but slowly, with every streak you will improve. The above poster is also right in that you may need to seek professional help for the real life trauma that had a role in this.

    Complete healing may take time, but just ~6months ago I felt completely enprisoned by this. I am not where I want to be yet, but life right now is way better than then. It is important to not identify with these thoughts. It is vital to know that the thoughts ARE NOT YOU. They are the result of a drug. When you get drunk and do something stupid, you know that the alcohol is to blame. It is the same principle here. The P has hijacked your mind. It abuses ones insecurities and fears. It feeds on the traumas to make you think you are something you are not. Work on changing your thought patterns. Quickly cut out thoughts of vile nature and just focus on grounding yourself in the present. This is the challenge laid before us in this life to overcome. I believe in you my friend, keep on fighting!

    What in my opinion also helps, is to have other things to replace these thoughts with. This is perhaps best achieved by reading. Eckhart Tolles the power of now is a good read, as it explains how our thoughts are not to be trusted and that we should not necessarily think of them as "ourselves". There may be stumbles on the way, but every second that you fight, you improve :)
  3. You really confused your brain. Men? Trans for me I only a porn thing , because when your horny enough they actually look like women , I know eere fucked up but it's apparently quite common, the issue is men would have eventually started watching this genre at dudes who watch a lot of porn. If you where in a relationship/s you would never habe watches so much porn to eventually watch this .

    You dont Necessarily need to stop for a year to go back to normal . When I stop watching porn even for a few days dream come back and I start dreaming and thinking about women, I will get random hard ons watching women on TV or seeing pictures online . Which is me returning to normal , never have In my life have i ever gotten hard over any males , I've never gotten hatd seeing a make naked or seeing a make naked in porn .

    But certain shemales only a few , dont get me hard instantly or the way I get hard over women
    but I can fap to it. Because your imagination creates fantasy because it doesnt actually exists . I don't get naturally hard to it, like I do with women , I get hard when I'm trying to fap to it and you begin to think of them as women , there is just something about a women who has no boundaries etc etc that's how the whole thing can play tricks on you.

    When your fapping to porn that in your imagination is quick and easy to get into, you dont need to warm the girl up and there not disgusted by your dirty talk , the fact it's a fap and they look like women the whole thing just oddly works if not bizzare .

    Again this stuff is all fantasy , like another poster said it doesn't actually exists , I'm not into guys at it is all a fictitious fantasy .

    When I stop fapping for a few days I'm pretty much over watching it and start dreaming and thinking about actual women again.

    Like one poster once said it's like deciding what wolf to feed .

    I'm no one to tell you what to do , but if you want to get past it you need to stop watching it , your normal sexual orientation will return.

    I've realised through all this that I actually have a type of female that really turns me on and that I always get on the best with personality wise .

    You just need to find what it is you actually want ..this sort of shit is confusing the shit out of you because it's easy access , it's a trick on your brain .
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