Sissy Hypno Horror (AVOID!): One doctor's struggle

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by vase, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Very articulate post my friend. Thank you for sharing. I really hope you beat this addiction.

    My favorite parts of your post were the metaphor of your couch becoming a bottomless pit. I love how to flipped it and put stools over it. I think you must be a strong person so I have faith you will succeed.

    And what else struck me was: wake up! wake up! wake up!

    Addiction and self destructive behaviors feel like a dream. So much of life is how we frame it and our ability to control the frame goes away when we're in this waking dream state. It simply just takes being aware of waking up to wake up. At least for the moment. To stay awoken is an entirely different story. But waking up is like catching a breathe of air while under water.

    Good luck again and I hope things work out for you and your wife.
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    Thanks big time for your thorough account. Most educated people that I've met don't take hypnosis very seriously I myself have been skeptical about it now I'm educating myself about it to use it as a tool to help me beat addiction and unhealthy shame out of my life.

    Do you know where I can get more credible information about hypnosis or reprogramming my mind? You seem to be aware of a good amount of data. What I realized through observation is that repetition is one of the most efficient methods, nonetheless, I want to educate myself more on the subject.
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    While I haven't heard of this and definitely don't want to experiment, I completely lived risk factors 1 and 2 in my life as a child. I think there is something there with coming to expect being guilty and inadequate. I personally think this has fueled my porn addiction for years and in turn led to more guilt, self-loathing, anxiety, depression and OCD. It is a vicious cycle. As others have said, thank you for being so open on this. I hope you can get out from under the spell of this genre of P. I hope we all can get out from under the spell of PMO. It has damaged my relationship and my whole life. Coming from a home like what you grew up in, I have managed even under those circumstances and the emotional and mental issues I have had my entire life to have a wonderful wife and 2 great kids. It is difficult to know that in weak moments, I will go to porn. They say you are comfortable with what you've known. Where as a child, I would allow my parents and others to say or do anything, now, I won't tolerate anything I dislike, YET, I tolerate the self-hate each time I run back to the PMO. I hope you are able to repair your relationship. Sounds like you are on the right track.
  4. Hypnosis is real. I am not denying that, and it has a medical purpose in therapy, but otherwise, guide your life by this rule:

    Beware of unearned wisdom

    This stuff will kill you, the THC will kill you, it's a substitute for true happiness. Anyways I am sorry for your loss, and it will always be the best idea of your life to leave this stuff behind. Good luck
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    I've just read your post, @vase . Thank you for your bravery in posting; it is a bittersweet story, and I hope that both you and your wife get your happy endings.

    I know a number of hypnotherapists. A thing sometimes said is that their job is not to hypnotise their clients but to un-hypnotise them — to wake them up!
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    An incredible journey, @vase
    Thankyou for this.
    What strength & courage you have to face such impenetrability deep, difficult emotions.
    Your story is very inspiring.
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    This. Similar to transgender porn, it is not your natural self deciding these impulses, it is your desire for more extreme material. Things like this make you feel shame because you are repulsed by it in reality but your porn induced fetish causes you to crave it. I am lucky my porn use didn't really escalate up until the time I started nofap, at which point I watched trans porn once and felt absolutely disgusted.

    There is one way to beat this addiction. Remove the internet from your house for A few months until you feel like you're fully in control and are repulsed by the idea of going back to your old lifestyle. I am 21 and I keep reminding myself that if I don't get over this it is likely I will never have a partner or a family or any good relationships. Porn is an absolute cancer which is never necessary and we should all do whatever it takes to get it out of our lives. I'm currently on day 10 and when I finish exams I am going to do a 3 month internet detox. I believe I will be fully rebooted so long as I can abstain until then. It has already been brutally hard but I'm never looking back.

    Fuck PMO, fuck the porn industry. No one needs that. Replace it with working out, and you'll become the best version of yourself you can be.

    Good luck and stay strong all
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    @vase thank you for this post! I too have been suffering from sissy hypno porn for the last several years. It's hell...

    Though after reading your post I was inspired, and was moved by your realization that you had been "HYPNOTIZED THE WHOLE TIME", and that all you simply needed to do was "Wake up!".
    This message deeply resonated with me, and I consider myself blessed to have found your post when I did, as I accidentally stumbled upon it while preparing for a hypno porn session. Instead, I immediately stopped the shit I was doing, and became a NoFap member!

    I am determined to quit being ever mindful of the road ahead and to fight the good fight along side you brother!

    God bless, and stay strong!
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    This is serious, I'm sad when I think about how many stories like yours are out there, with a sad ending. This pornography has destroyed a lot of family and relationships, and some do not realize this. How is life now?
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    I realized that gurus on e-commerce are making weird advertisements about their courses using binaural beats or weird hypnotic melodies as background music. For example Alex Becker does that :D
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    Thanks for your post Vase. As someone who recently started doing binaural beats for anxiety, I'm curious to know if you believe all kinds of binaural hypnosis is bad and why? That even the positive ones have a residual affect that is similar to the negative kind of binaural beats?

    I have seen among the positive binaural videos on Youtube ones that deal with sex and sexuality in a non-clinical way (erotic dreaming, etc). I have strictly avoided these as I know they are the entrance to the rabbit hole, especially for an addict like myself. However I have received great help from p addiction binaurals and addiction binaurals in general. I suppose I should be more wary about how many I use and which ones I jump to, but they've all worked for me.
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    Thank you for being honest and brave enough to share your story. I definitely think there is something very sinister to this. I am starting to wake up from my own addictions. I never got into this stuff really but did see it several times pop up on sites. It is a real problem for many guys on here - if there’s this many guys in this forum having issues how many are out there outside of this forum?

    I will say this having had a PMO severe addiction for over 3 decades. This addiction always goes more extreme over time. So many men are exposing themselves to this with open minds looking for the next rush and with that being the case these videos seem to actually warp the brain - it’s like what we describe for our non sissy hypno porn experiences and addictions on steroids for these poor guys. What is it really about? I think there is something more sinister behind it - not sure if it would be psychological, spiritual, a clever agenda, etc. but this stuff seems to be EXTREMELY dangerous!! I know we all have our own issues that trigger addiction and relationship problems, etc. but this stuff sounds very powerful and scary.

    YES, STAY THE HELL AWAY!!! I agree!! There’s something about these videos and this level of ads that seems almost evil in my opinion.

    Thanks very much for sharing your story I hope it truly helps others who have had severe issues with this type of porn.

    We can fight back. We can take steps to overcome our addictions. We are not alone.
  13. davidx

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    * level of addiction
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    Thank you for the following advice, which I am copying in order to reference regularly!

    "Live in the present, feel yourself in your body, feel the floor underneath you, and know that you're going to be okay. Take deep breaths and tell yourself as many times as you can that you're here, you're awake, you're not going anywhere, you're yourself, and you're okay. Repeat until this part of your life feels so remote that you forget why you're saying it, then keep saying it anyway. You've got this. I've got this."
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    I watched only a smal portion of what you consumed, but sissy hypno porn and extreme fetish porn I consumed made thinking for three days I might be transgender and into guys. I was always straight. Now it is gone and I feel clarity again.

    Seriously do not even try this.
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    There are some risk factors for sissy porn, OP mentioned shame and transormation fetish, tf fetish was I guess one of my triggers. My risk factors were ability to get anal pleasure, having a crossdressing episode in the past and feeling of being failure as a man and loneliness and need of approval.
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  17. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can relate very strongly to the above section that I've quoted. I too grew up in a very similar environment. I have spent many hours with different therapists trying to overcome the shame instilled in me. Knowing there are others out there helps me to keep things in perspective. While I have thankfully never gone down the road of hypnosis porn, I have delved into some pretty self-destructive habits over the years, in porn and in other activities. We can overcome this. It will take time, but I have hope for the future.
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    Haha!!!! Didn’t get the T-shirt
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    I’m also a “professional” so I get where you are at. It’s the ones that know the most that get hooked the hardest because we think we are too smart to get hooked.

    You will get better the longer you stay away, and stay away from alcohol and thc too.

    I had no idea hypnosis had evolved so much and so sinisterly.

    I listened to probably the precursor to this stuff for self help eons ago.

    But it is just conditioning and you can get better.

    Sobriety is the best answer and being honest with yourself.

    I would check out a 12 step program.

    You will get better. You are in the right track.
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    Great point you brought up, something years ago I would have agreed with..that these programs just make us always identify as an addict.

    But we are

    We always have to guard our minds.

    We can’t ever slack.

    The inner and outer demons” are always there to influence us.

    12 steps is just another more systemic way of being stoic.

    The author of that piece is unaware of all the addictions he/she probably it their phone, social media, tv..we are all addicts all controlled by desires for things that don’t serve us in our ultimate quest for happiness and fulfillment.

    I can understand your point about 12 step meetings..but you can also just work them by yourself or with a friend or a few friends.

    The principles of them are logical and work.

    Think about it..within the steps you have...

    Faith( or certainty in recovery)

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