Sissy Hypno Horror (AVOID!): One doctor's struggle

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by vase, Oct 3, 2018.

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    I think youre right:
    Signs of cult: create dependency

    You must have a higher power of choice but they pray jesus' prayer but deny God can heal and deliver them!
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    The thing is, we can’t trust ourselves.

    So we have to have some moral code to live by.

    Christianity is just one of them

    12 steps another

    Other religions or philosophies can also do this

    the Higher power may or may not be “real” but that doesn’t really matter, like placebos, if you have trust, they work.

    They bring order to chaos and keep us from deceiving ourselves.
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    And we are in a cult now if the definition is dependency..the cult of porn, or cell phones, or music.......

    We are controlled by something all the time, question is what do you want to control and direct you?

    We have very little free will..irony is,,more you have rules to live by and trust in something more “ethical” the more free will you have.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. I have seen various threads about this which suggests this is a big problem.

    I think you right that are experts behind this helping to destroy people. It's sick really but we have each other here to lean on.

    Keep fighting everyone!
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    @vase Thank you so much for sharing your story. Sissy hypno brought me to the darkest places of my life, and ever since I started watching it I havent even had a relationship in my life. You are so lucky to still have your wife, I wish you the best in your recovery. I would definitely agree that most sissy hypno is crappy, but there are some producers out there who clearly have an extensive understanding of hypnosis, nlp, binaural beats, etc and how to use them in fusion to cause serious damage to your brain. Although I am not claiming it to be an organized conspiracy, there is a benefit to the people who want the "new world order" because it detaches sex from its reproductive function, between a man and a woman. It also makes people much easier controlled with universal trigger words "obey" and "pink" being two of the most common - which also happen to be two of other most popular clothing companies (obey and la senza) in my home country of Canada. It terrifies me when I hear of teenagers getting hooked to this kind of porn before they even start to have sexual relationships with women, it's contributed to this whole "trap" subculture which is extremely disturbing. The crossover with the whole bbc "white genocide" thing has rippled into disturbing ramifications for white males - ones who become "traps" and any guy consuming this content. I have seen some teens post in some sissy hypno threads, and it has brought tears to my eyes. Something needs to be done to raise awareness about this. The damage we have inflicted upon ourselves as grown adults is heinous, but what is happening to these kids is a whole other level of damage that can destroy their lives in ways that we cannot even imagine.

    I have always been a dominant male, and it still hasnt taken that from me, although I can't even comprehend how to be in a functional relationship with a girl anymore. I am still into HSPS transexuals, and I have accepted that I may always be. This is an attraction to guys who grew up looking girlier naturally, and due to different hormonal levels, actually feel like women inside. For some reason I am attracted to that, so I identify as a gynosexual currently - someone attracted to female traits. This has been something that I have been attracted to since my early 20s, and it was never thought of through the kind of brutal and abusive way that sissy hypno depicts relations with mtf transexuals. I also didnt consume sissy hypno until I was 25, and The addition of sissy hypno into my life made me all the more confused. Although I think I may be bi to some extent, I do not think I am gay and I do not think I actually would ever want to be a woman, although sissy hypno made me think that. I got into it at a very dark point of my life, and the sissy hypno made it worse than I could ever imagine. I also got into doing meth while watching sissy hypno which is probably the worst thing possible, ever, for your brain, psyche, and physical health. The fact that I still have my job and am generally in good health is a testament to an extremely powerful spirit which counteracts the toxicity from the destructive part of me. It has turned into all out war between these two parts of me. I have already recognized porn as the root of most of these issues and had a bit of time from PMO in the past, but I always covered it up with other addictions, ones that may be deemed healthy. I would work out, run, eat perfectly healthy, but it just led to a deeper narcissism on my part. I still honestly don't know how I am going to avoid that this time around but this is my first time on NoFap and I started seeing a counsellor so I am hoping these two changes will make the difference this time to a more productive life.

    My issue with the 12 step program is that addiction manifests itself in many ways and where one considers to draw the line between clean and not clean is a big issue. As a teenager, I had 2 years clean time in NA, but I had started smoking, and was very active as a sex and porn addict, so were a lot of people I knew. I now recognize porn/sex as my biggest issue, and something I can't hide from. I don't really think "clean time" can really be a thing. I have attended a couple of 12 step meetings last week, and although it was helpful, I know that my struggle is not just drugs, it is something that infects my sexuality, which has always been the root of my self esteem.

    I have always had a problem, but at least I had friends and girlfriends, and somewhat of a social life, but the sissy hypno brought me to a level of loneliness that I have not been able to shake. My subconscious is such a wasteland, and since it leads in my day to day interactions, I feel like I have put myself under some sort of curse that closes off any real connection between me and anyone I interact with. I feel like a shell of a person, but with a very high level of self awareness, which makes all of this even more difficult of a pill to swallow. I can preach all of this insight, but my brain is wired so fucky from such a young age I'm just trying to get through today without causing damage. As for what my sexuality is I just need to give it sometime and let things surface, I must accept and not suppress. As I learn things about myself I need to find productive and healthy ways to accept and express them in my life without feeling shame or hurting others.
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    Wow... I am new to all this and wow, speechless.
    Thank you for posting this, people have to know.

    So questions come to mind....
    Is this being used in other forms of entertainment?
    Are those youtube videos safe for subliminal messaging?
    How does one know if they are hypnotized without knowing?
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    This is so intense and heartbreaking. I can definitely relate to the feelings of getting lost in these videos that just reinforce shame. It's unbelievable the power these videos have.
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    I know what you mean, I almost got trapped by those files myself some years back. It was a close thing, but I recognized early on that I was getting trapped, and was able to break away -- it becomes harder with time and repeated listening.

    My question is this -- have you considered going to a hypnotherapist? It's my understanding that they can remove the effects of any such file in short order.
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    Great post, I hope you continue without porn forever. I had an issue with crossdressing porns also. Fortunately, I didn't fall on this hypno videos, although I watched some. Now I am free of every form of porn and very happy!
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    This post scared the hell out of me. Looked behind you and all you saw was scorched earth.. Wow. Profound. I thank God that I never got into this kind of stuff. Hypnotic porn aimed at amplifying guilt and shame? Why on earth would anyone produce such a thing? This sounds like pure evil. It just strengthens my resolve of how terrible porn is. Like, we're told not to smoke marijuana because it could lead to heroin. Why hasn't anyone said don't look at porn because it leads to sissy-hypnosis porn? Unbelievable. Your story makes me want to stay as far away from porn as humanly possible. So thank you for that.
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    My Journal
    Being someone who never really used this 'sissy/hyponsis porn', it's good learning about and its effects. Too many, and I really mean it based on my reading here, are into this genre. It might be worst than the vanilla stuff afterall.

    I viewed a lot of crazy shit. Stuff that you might say is worst than sissy stuff. But reading this... what I've looked at, while being damaging, was never this damaging.

    This is a serious problem...
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    * potential trigger*

    Thank you for this post and the replies. I am in the middle of this same problem. I am addicted to sissy porn.

    I am a straight married man and after years of looking at straight porn when I was single, I somehow switched to trans porn and gay porn and now sissy hypno vids. It is almost unbelievable how this has changed me. I literally laughed out loud at the first few of these videos I watched because they seemed so cheesy and fake, but then, I found that the more I watched but the more they turned me on and the more I wanted to have sex with men.

    I bought dildos, vibrators, women’s lingerie, and taught myself to deepthroat and use the toys anally.
    I wake up and look at it and crave sex with men every day.
    How can I stop when it feels so good? I feel powerless.
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    • Start your 90-day reboot. Now. Not tomorrow. Now.
    • Delete your entire porn stash. Right now. Stop reading this, go delete the porn stash, then come back here. Now.
    • Install porn blockers. If your ISP provides this service, get them to do it. Today.
    • Get therapy. Seriously, get therapy. Join a meditation group. Find a therapist who specialises in this area. Learn how to be a man again. Learn how to enjoy your wife for the woman who she is. Research it today. Book your first appointment today.
    Good luck.
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    There's a thread in my profile for help with this fetish.
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    It breaks my heart to read the depths of your despair about this, bro. I pray for you and for others who have lost their sense of self due to the destructive evil that is going on in the porn industry. God bless you

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