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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Rev2.0, Apr 21, 2021.

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    For all the talk this topic gets I would be interested to know the percentage of times a woman actually denies a guy sex because of his size. I would love to see stats because by the time you've got your pants off with a woman she's pretty much bought what you're selling, so to speak. I would guess maybe 1 time in 1,000 because it's too small and even less often than that because it's too big. If those numbers were known maybe it wouldn't cause guys so much angst. Just a thought.
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    Yeah it's around those numbers you said. All of the people on here talking about peen size all have better things they could be talking about. Reminds me of middle schoolers tbh.
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    If he’s hung like a button she’s going to laugh.
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    It would be extremly rare.
    Most guys fall into a normal range and she will likely know roughly what to expect.
    If the guy is smaller than average she may be underwhelmed but not put off.
    I think it would only happen in really extreme cases of micropenis
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    It depends on how much away from average a guy is and how much into you the woman is.
    Also is important what you do with it, and your tong and hands.. etc. Also there are woman that are small also and are glad when a guy is not big because it really hurt for them.
    So.. don't put that pressure on you if you are "small", you can always do other things to please the other person. If you don't really care to much about it, she is not going to worry about it either (unless is a micropenis).
  6. I've been told it was too small a few times (and I've heard, "You're so tall, I thought you'd be bigger"). In total I've probably had far less than a thousand encounters, so it's definitely been more than 1 in a thousand in my case @ just under 5 inches.

    And then there's the encounters with women where we started to fool around, and didn't go all the way. Was that about size even though they didn't say anything?

    And . . . what about the women who do sleep with you after seeing what you have . . . but then they never have sex with you again?
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    Good thoughts all. I would think having "big dick energy" is much more valuable than actually having a big member. And of course being able to use whatever you have (plus fingers, mouth etc.) skillfully and responsively to what she wants.
  8. Agreed.
    I think I come across as having "big dick energy" . . . with an underlying current of "small penis vibes". It seems many are often attracted to me . . . at first, some sense the small penis vibes right away, a few didn't pick it up and were disappointed once the pants came off.
    Another way to put that is that I look like a guy who should be confident, but deep down I often lack confidence, especially around women and my self-esteem is fragile. :oops:

    I'm better now. :)
    It helps to accept that I have a small penis. And, as @Rev2.0 pointed out, focus on all the tools that I do have at my disposal - tools that all of us can develop (i.e. being more attentive, focusing on their pleasure, oral skills etc.). I even dated one girl for a year and a half who didn't have sex with me, but she came back again and again for the oral and digital pleasuring. My ego was hurt, knowing that she had slept with other guys, but the when I was truly honest with my self, I had to admit that I loved going down on her! :p
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    Big Dick Energy is my SOP.

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