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  1. Sleeping early avoids unnecessary temptations and gives good next day. Sleep early and wake up early.
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    The challenge is to Sleep at fixed time daily.
    Fix your sleeping time and follow it.
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  2. Day 1
    I fix
    sleeping time between 9.00-12.00
    9-10 -L
    10-11 -M
    11-12 -H
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  3. Day 0
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  4. Day 0
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  5. not able to keep sleeping timing regularly. Making a change.
    9.00- 10.00 -H
    10.00-11.00 -M
    11.00-12.00 -L
    12.00-> reset
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  6. Supper time is some what corrected. Sleeping time still needs to be corrected.
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  7. Supper time is good. Sleeping time needs correction.
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  8. going on.. difficult
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    SREENII Fapstronaut

    keep going bro..we may fail several times..but never quit..start again and again with new new day we will succeed
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  10. keeping the track
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  11. going to count the days, i have slept before 12

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