Sleep Masturbation?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by ThankYouVeryCool, Aug 21, 2019.

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    This is as weird and embarrassing as it sounds. I posted this on the reddit forums, but for reasons beyond my comprehension someone decided to remove it (and I have nothing to direct my anger to other than a message telling me to go fuck myself, very bad advice for someone such as myself) so I'll summarize it here instead.

    As far as I can tell, I may be suffering from "Sexsomnia" (superb name), which you can read about on wikipedia under "sleep sex" (can't post links). In the middle of the night, in a dream-like state or devoid of any consciousness at-all some part of me decides it would be a great idea to reach down into my pants and begin tugging. It's not a great idea, but that doesn't stop me. I don't even realise it's happening until I wake up either mid-fap or with a massive stain on my bedsheets. The exact experience is difficult to translate into words, sort of like sleep paralysis (without the paralysis part) but with much less lucidity. It's markedly different from a simple wet dream, there's mechanics at play here.

    The main reason I want to stop is it makes me feel dreadful. I don't believe in semen retention, but either by an induced lack of sleep or divine intervention I always wake up tired and groggy after an episode. In addition to being awful in itself, tiredness is a trigger of mine and a potential setup for a full on relapse later down the road. And god forbid I get a partner and carry on with this behaviour.

    I'm less than a week off 90 days now, and I'm mostly in control of myself during the day. I have multiple coping strategies of various DEFCONs ranging from a brief meditation to a cold shower, and my daytime urges are - on the trend - decreasing in frequency. But it's a lot harder to control myself when I'm *not* in control of myself. Which is why I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if so if they were able to solve it. Thanks in advance.
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    When I get wet dreams, it is usually because of a sexual thought/fantasy/urge before bed. Could this be contributing to your "sexsomnia"
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    Do you suffer from any other type of parasomnia or somnambulism?

    I would make sure I am sleeping well, and going into REM properly. From there, I would see pysch. They will prob Rx an SSRI (which have their own side effects, some sexual). Read this, a good literature review on the subject on PubMed.

    Very interesting. I haven't ever woken up and masturbated involuntarily. I have had very few wet dreams in my life. Just stating my experience. I do like to hold my sexual partners while sleeping, and I have woken up holing a girl, even though I remember falling asleep with my back to her.

    Hmmm, another interesting post today. There was another about a guy who has to MO for medical reasons, which really made me think.
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    A practical suggestion. What if you wear pants to bed with a belt? Would this keep you from your hands successfully wandering?

    Just a thought. Good luck!

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