Sleep naked: good or bad for NoFap? "my" story

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  1. Hello there.
    It's about a month i'm in NoFap journey, i had some relapses in different days and in some other i was good(my best strike was 10 and 5). I wanted to start it to change my life and i saw the benefits, but you know it's not easy to stop so fall again and again is normal, as you wake up and want to continue on your way.
    But today i will tell you what happened last night, something i wanted to try, but it's not easy and it change for everybody: sleep naked!
    Yeah, there are a lot of benefits to sleep naked and in a cold room, + a cold shower!
    But my problem is that last night i was in bed and wanted to start to sleep naked, but urges was there. My problem was that instead of wait to fall asleep, i grab my phone and watched stuff. I didn't touch, but i watched a lot. At some point i couldn't fall asleep and i opened my computer at 1:00am and for like more than half hour i was looking at porn and "you know what" :|
    This was a break point for me, in February i changed my life style, going to sleep at 23:00, sleep 8 hours and wake up at 07:00 to go out and run, come home, breakfast, wash my teeth and make a cold shower, than i can start my day with study German or work on the videogame.
    But last night i couldn't sleep naked, i stayed awake till 02:00 and one time i waked up at 3:00 just to fall asleep again.
    I know that sleeping naked is good and i want to do it, but urges are here and i'm still new in this life style, so it's not easy to do it as i wish. This depends on every person, somebody can do it so easy but other not, as me, who relapsed because of that.
    I think that i should start to sleep 100% naked only after a while without PMO at all, so when i will change my habits, my mind about PMO and "evolve as person" i can start to sleep with less clothes on me, just starting from bot to top, until i will be able and comfortable to sleep without give a fuck about urges and feel free with my self.
    This story want to teach you(as i hope) that sleeping naked could be good, but if you're new in NoFap journey stay in alert, it could be dangerous and go to a relapse. Think if you can do it without relapsing, if urges come just put your clothes on and only after a while try again, as i will do.
    Thanks for your attention and help: KEEP GOING! IT'S WORTH IT!
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  2. domsi

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    what exactly is the benefit you see from sleeping naked? would be great if you could give some sources to that aswell. and youre very right, sleeping naked is pretty dangerous when it comes to nofap, because we so highly sexualize even our own naked bodies. the only reason i see for sleeping naked is if its hot or if you just had sex. otherwise for many it will simply be a trigger, jist like for you. and even if you dont masturbate, guys, would you rather have to change your underwear/pants due to a wet dream, or all of your sheets?
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  3. Just try to make some research on Google/YouTube like NoFap benefits but about Sleep Naked Benefits
  4. zeusmx

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    I sleep naked. But I started to do it before NoFap. I'm not sure if this should be necessarily a goal through quitting PMO.

    For me, I do it because I'm working on changing my self image. Before, thinking in my body and my member, took me directly to a sex directed context. To be prepared for sex. Sex necessarily connected with my body functions.

    And as I used to have sex separate from the "real" me, to get it hidden, that was the perfect context to go through porn and compulsive sexual behavior.

    Now I'm working to join my sexual and my non-sexual dimension. Which brings me to re-construct the ideas about my body, about my member, as me as a male. And to separate it from the stereotype brought from porn that nakedness, my body and my member necessarily takes to sex.

    From that, for me, sleeping naked has been an exercise to be with me. With me as a body and as a mind. To feel comfortable being with me. And to re-build my thoughts in which my body now is part of the real, the actual me. Not part anymore of that hidden world of porn consumption and compulsive sexual behavior.
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  5. IGY

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    I sleep naked and I recommend it. But when we get an erection, the obvious question arises (lol) what happens then? In fact, I find that this is where sleeping without clothes pays off. When dressed in bed, an erection causes unnecessary pressure on your swollen and sensitive sex organ. I find it beneficial for it not to be in friction with underpants etc. When I am naked, my dick can stiffen and soften wherever and whenever it wants to. This is a personal choice, but don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I do not agree that simply because you are nude in bed, you will masturbate and/or watch porn. It is also better for testicle health and fertility. ;)
  6. Yes you guys are right, sleep naked have a lot of benefits
    But, i think the story is different for everybody, maybe my first night i relasped but you don't, so the beginning is also different, maybe the next days i will not touch my self and will be able to do it, day by day
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  7. randomname3

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    No idea about the health related effects. But sleeping naked causes wet dreams, which makes it significantly harder to stay strong the next day, especially for beginners. And whatever benefits of semin retention may exist, you now you'll have to recharge.
    I used to almost sleep naked before discovering NoFap.
    Constant PMO causes your scrotum to sweat a lot, but no PMO reduces sperm production and therefore cools down so you don't wake up with sweaty balls. So sleeping clothed on no PMO will be more comfortable and hygienic than before you started.
    That's my two cents, but in any case feel no shame for sleeping naked.
  8. ultrafabber

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    There are no downsides to sleeping naked, only upsides. Sleeping clothed on the other hand offers no upsides, just possible downsides.

    The most important bit is better thermal regulation and lower testicle temperature, which is healthy. If you have kids or whatever, you can sleep with a VERY loose pair of shorts and just that.
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  9. Dizzy Lotus

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    Personally, I don't sleep naked for three reasons:
    First, it also creates urges for me. These might subside when I'd get used to it, but I'd have to get used to it first, then. [​IMG]
    Second, I go to the bathroom at least a couple of times every night, and I want this to be as easy as possible. I wouldn't want to be in a shared space naked (I rent a room in a house with 3 other renters, 2 owners and the owners' grandson), and it seems like a chore to dress and undress twice a night.
    Third, I actually don't find it comfortable. I tend to turn a lot, and without underpants... well, I won't describe the physical details, but I don't like the positions my sexual organs end up in. [​IMG]
    I do sleep without pyjamas, though, unless I've relapsed. I think that this lets my body regulate its warmth better, resulting in a warmer body temperature in winter and a cooler body temperature in summer. [​IMG]

    Why? I've never heard of this.
  10. IGY

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    This is a myth.
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  11. Poseidon

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    I don’t really like to be naked, I walk around the house in my underwear all the time and sleep in my underwear.... But having everything out and bouncing around is uncomfortable, even when I’m alone. I need some support. :p
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  12. Gmork

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    Pure, unquantifiable nonsense.
    It's about comfort - and sleep.

    I sleep naked often, and never masturbate in bed.
    The same can't be said for when I'm fully clothed, sitting at a computer.
  13. hollyman

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    sleep naked seem so disturbing lol, one wet dream will ruin my bed and my sheet on it haha

    plus, its rainy season and some bug or something like centipede often came into the room lol
  14. Today i had slept naked again but this time i didn't get any urges neither curiosity to search stuff again.
    Before going to bed, i have this "rituali":
    At 21:00 i'm sure to close PC/Phone/Tv and not watch them at last 2 hours before going to sleep
    After this i make a tee and read a book(now i'm reading "The Fall of Lucifer")
    At 22:45 i'm making my bed, get naked and start to meditate for 5/10 before going to sleep at 23:00(+/- 2 mins)
    The next day i wake up at 07:00 as a new one
    Today i had slept well even if i was naked, no urges because i didn't think about it, so you just have to figure out how to do it, if you want
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  15. IGY

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    Hey buddy, I am pleased you discovered that you can get naked to go to bed and this does not mean that you will simply start masturbating and watch porn. Personally, I find it feels better and I sleep better. I don't get dressed to go to bed! :p

    If you experience urges in bed, it is not because you are nude. Urges can happen of we are clothed or unclothed. :rolleyes: Enjoy the benefits of naked sleep and deal with temptation when it comes, just the same as you would anyway. Good luck buddy.
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  16. StonePlacidity

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    it is up to you, if sleeping naked affect your PMO streak, then dont do it. It is that simple
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  17. zeusmx

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    I need to add to this discussion that if you’re dealing with PIED, as me, sleeping naked gives you more chance to monitor how your erections are going. It’s very encouraging to wake up during the night realizing I’m getting better. When I use a short to sleep, this is not so easy to feel.
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