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How many hours you sleep daily ( during a normal day) ?

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  3. 6

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  4. 7

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  1. MasterGamer

    MasterGamer Fapstronaut

    So Hi everyone i Already now that some people that saw the title are thinking that it is a strange challenge but... not everybody sleep enough ! In this post we will help each other by giving tips like how to fall in sleep faster, how much hours , science about the importance of sleeping etc..

    So the challenge is really simple, for the next 3 weeks you have to sleep at least ( you choose the number of hours ) hours. Also you have to do nofap and you choose a third challenge to make it more difficult.

    So mine 3 challenges for the 3 next weeks are :

    - Sleep at least 8 hours a day
    - Train bodybuilding at least 4 times a week
    - Doing nofap and achieve a 1 week streak no pmo

    Your welcome to join because i really need you guys.
  2. MasterGamer

    MasterGamer Fapstronaut

    So a summary, what are the benefits of enough sleep :

    -Better production of hormones , testosterone ( i am actually doing that challenge just for that benefit lol)
    - Healthier
    - Lose fat
    - More energy
    - Better concentration
    - Calmer

    Actually those are the benefits why I AM personnaly doing this challenge. There is a lot more benefits but everybody is different.

    Benefits of Bodybuilding :
    - Stronger
    - More muscular
    - Better confidence
    - Healthier

    And again, those are the benefits that I WANT to acquire.

    Nofap :

    - I think you already now the benefits of doing nofap .

    Have a good day ; )
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  3. MasterGamer

    MasterGamer Fapstronaut

    Ok nobody answered me but no problem : (

    Yesterday i went to sleep early but i had a lot of difficulty to fall alseep. It took me like 4 hours just to fall in sleep and i only slept like 5 hours. Today i am feeling really tired with no energy cause of last night
  4. phantom_force2123

    phantom_force2123 Fapstronaut

    im in! but i will be sleeping during the night time because i stay up very late at night and its a problem. usually stay awake till 4am. i might sleep 1-2 hours a day just to relax. I am also planning to start working out tomorrow ishallah. so workout 3-4 times a week sleep 1-2 hours, 8 hours a must at night and achieve 1 week no pmo streak
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  5. reborn999

    reborn999 Fapstronaut

  6. MasterGamer

    MasterGamer Fapstronaut

    Hi ! I completely forgot about this post but i am still trying to improve my sleeping ! Have a good day : )

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