sleeping cycle change after nofap nopmo

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  1. From quite sometime I am feeling that I need very less amount of sleep day to day as compared to previous time.
    Earlier, while sleeping if I don't get sleep, watch some porn, masturbate.. and sleep .. and sleep like dog. I used to feel sleepy almost whole day during my office and after used to feel active in evening and then again repeat the cycle.

    But after streak of 30days of Nopmo and after 3 days another and ongoing streak of 14 days of nofap and no pmo, I am realizing that my sleeping time has reduced a lot. Earlier it was about 8-10 hours a day and now it has become 6-8 hours a day and no drowsy feeling during daytime.

    yes apart from it, I kind of have some work pressure as well. Which I think it was there earlier as well but then I used to masturbate and sleep. Now I think more on organizing things at workplace so it does feel like a pressure.

    Have any of you have felt this sleeping cycle change pattern before and after nofap and nopmo
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    I have noticed that with the same amount of rest I wake up much fresher.
    I work in a bar in London, and since it's a big city, it takes quite a while to get there, so I have to wake up at 4.40 in the morning(a couple of times a week). Considering that I could never go to sleep before 12.00 AM, those nights before waking up so early I sleep less than 5 hours.
    But honestly, when it does happen, I don't see any difference from when I sleep 8 hours.
    AND, when I sleep 7/8 hours, I wake up fully charged, without laying in the bed for 20 mins trying to sleep more.
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