Sleeping naked - yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by mnkeyseemonkeydo0, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. mnkeyseemonkeydo0

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    I read an article about sleeping naked and some health benefits it has. I tried it last night and actually enjoyed the feeling. On the one hand, it's a nice way to get accustomed to being naked in a nonsexual way. On the other, is it risky? Is it possible to masturbate during sleep?
  2. himmelstoss

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  3. avle

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    Sleeping naked is great! It is absolutely possible to sleep that way with no sexual thoughts or masturbation.
  4. foodman389

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    I would do it if I wasn't woken up by my Dad every morning LOL. Don't want to get out of bed forgetting that I'm, you know, naked... don't wanna try to explain that to him. :p
  5. NFI_Freedom

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    I'm too worried about having a wet dream. It was nice when I did it.
  6. I'd do it if I wasn't woken up by somebody else, have them witness myself naked. Worning wood and wet dreams would become a problem IMO, don't want people seeing something underneath the blankets or have myself to clean things up after I wake up. :p
  7. IGY

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    Being naked does feel nice - yay! ;) Sleeping in the nude is natural and has nothing to do with masturbation or pornography. As for teenagers hiding their genitals from their parents - I can understand that to some extent, but it has more to do with your embarrassment, not your parents'. Your parents know that you will be getting boners and, in theory, getting sticky sheets some time is something they would expect. :eek:
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    If I can chime in, it's all a matter of comfort. I've slept naked most of my life and when I first started NoFap I decided to sleep with something on since I had seen some advocated it. After about a month I went back to my usual "attire" and didn't notice any negative impact, on the contrary staying with what I was used to helped me sleep better and start mornings quicker. So at least for me personally it doesn't make much difference when it comes to no PMO. If you try it and find it more comfortable to do so, I don't see any harm in it.

    And as for those who want to try sleeping naked but are embarrassed about parents or others seeing, my suggestion: keep a pair of shorts or something in arm's reach of your bed. Then you can get them on under the sheets when it's time to get up.
  9. Johnisawe

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    I wish I could sleep naked but I have to wear a medical device on my belt.
  10. Pine River

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    Yes it is possible to masturbate during sleep (I speak from personal experience). I had dreams about masturbation when I was younger. I believe that I may have masturbated during such a dream in about 1998 (when I was 15) I remember dreaming about masturbating and waking up to find I'd had a wet dream. I definitely masturbated during such a dream in 2001 because I was in a sort of trance-like state (as opposed to being fully asleep) and remember it well. The 2001 incident was the start of me taking up intentional masturbation. However, I consider my problem to have started with my first intentional fap in 2001, not the one in the dream.

    However, I was wearing bedclothes during these dreams, so this doesn't stop masturbation during dreams.

    Personally, I would not consider such non-intentional masturbation as breaking a streak (just as I wouldn't consider dreaming about watching porn as grounds for a reset either)
  11. When I read about this topic ,I tried sleeping naked for 2-3 nights.all those times I felt really aroused may be because I never slept naked.and I put myself under sheets also.whenever my sleep broken in between I saw my p erected and erected and erected....even during morning wood I was aroused for 3-4 continuous hours.I had wet dreams also.lately whenever I see myself naked specially genitals ,I feel really aroused and sexually to avoid wet dreams,nocturnal emission ,keep sheets and all around hygienically clean ,I sleep with loose boxers.I wear that only when I sleep as even if I get erection then my p gets room to accommodate.I prefer undershirt and boxer.that way I feel calm.
  12. seth

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    I alternate between the two. I have read about the positive impacts of sleeping naked as well, but as long as you don't feel it's disrupting your NoFap journey (e.g. if you get too horny from sleeping naked or are concerned about the one less layer between you and your mattress in the case of a wet dream) then no reason not to start doing so!

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