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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Ronaldeutsch, Nov 24, 2022.

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    One of the biggest problem of me not being able to quit is because I not only cope my mental stress and anxiety with porn but also my sleep routine is based upon porn. If I could just fix my sleep routine somehow, I'd definitely make long streaks. Because I dont know why, but my brain cannot fell asleep until I've done PMO. and when I'm on my sober streaks, I just wonder what can I do at night instead of watching porn? I lay in bed for hours and hours fighting urges once in a while and eventually, as my will power fades, I relapse. How can I fix my sleep schedule. Do I have insomnia. But sometimes when I'm really tired, I sleep without PMO also. but thats very rare. Please any guidance?
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    I think making yourself exhausted does work sometimes go for a walk or run before bed
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  3. Ronaldeutsch

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    yess I thought so and I spend around an hours at the gym and it makes me feel relaxed and release stress but Still cant sleep properly
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    I think that's the right idea... I hate the sound of this statement but it's prob pretty damn true: A good night sleep starts in the morning. Making sure you're getting some sunlight in the eyeballs in the AM, get those cortisol cycles on track. Getting good foods and hard exercise in, and just generally keepin er movin throughout the whole day.

    As far as PM's go, I think maintaining consistency is important so you're body knows you're shutting down around time x. And having some sort of ritual to que that parasympathetic nervous system would be wise too. Do you drink? Now'd be the time for that last sniff a scotch or whatever, and not with a bunch of artificial light around, no screens or bright lights on 2+ hrs before tap out time. I'm off the booze right now, so I get some tea going, do some breathwork long exhale typa stuff and either journal or pray to a god I half-heartedly believe in.

    Point is tho to set up consistent routines so your body knows what you're going for. Right now pmo is a fundamental part of that. So it'll take some time to change, but just know every night you pull it off, is a point toward positive momentum, making the future nights that much easier.

    Just a few hacks I've used lately: Cold showers, cup of kava w/ some cbd, quick yoga routine, oh and ashwaganda's a popular supplement for sleep too... Anyway best of luck! Sometimes I think the best solution is to just sit with your damn thoughts and let them tire themselves out, just kinda watch em with curiousity rather than wage war on them... Sometimes that's the only thing to be done, they'll stfu eventually, which still sucks but again it'll get easier the more nights you pull it off.
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    This is true with almost any addiction. Your brain is deliberately withholding sleep from you until it gets that dopamine surge that it so desperately wants. Alcoholics, nicotine addicts, and people who have become dependent on cannabis all experience the same thing when they try to wean off or quit cold turkey.
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    You shouldn't lift directly ~ 2-3 hours before sleep.
  7. I will tell you what works for me, but most people won't do it.

    I had this exact problem, which is why I couldn't start a new reboot these past six months.

    You need to work out at night. Cardio, weights, Yoga, a combination. Get a good sweat and some intensity.

    Do this in a reboot and things are going to change.

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