Small manageable changes.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anew2019, May 9, 2019.

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    In order to change I need to make small manageable changes. I am not going to turn into a person who exercises an hour 5 days a week, eats perfectly over night and has a spotless place. I felt a lot of shame that I was not like that. What can I do? I can do 30 jumping jacks or 10 push up's once a day. I can order a salad at McDonald's instead of a fatty burger and fries. And I did order a salad at McDonald's. It seams to me there is a bit of a stigma in ordering a salad at mcdonalds. I sensed it anyways. It is a step in the right direction. It has lots of greens in it and it was delicious. I can have Booster Juice. Someone told me not to one time because there is too much sugar. It is still relatively healthy. I can buy those salads in a bag at the grocery store. I had the idea that I need to eat totally perfectly to start. Our culture seams to make it seam like you will die if you don't eat perfectly. I can start eating better. I dont have to be perfect. I did 40 jumping jacks and 20 jumping jacks today. That is manageable. I walked up all 4 flight of stairs in my apt. building and took the elevator back down to the second level. I picked 3 things up in my place on my way to go do something. I can handle these small things. Maybe they will get bigger. I don't know. I need to change and I can manage these changes.

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