Small Pen*s Club - (males, females and non-binary welcome)

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  1. And . . . ***TRIGGER WARNING***

    because apparently this topic makes some people really uncomfortable :rolleyes:

    I thought I'd start a group for people who are comfortable discussing the ups and downs of having a small package (or any other body issues that they struggle with and perhaps have a bearing on their porn/sex/relationship addiction troubles). Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, whether you are a PA or an SO, or whether you think you qualify for the Small Penis Club or not.

    As for the haters . . . please direct your energy elsewhere.

    For anyone who wants to participate, feel free to post in this thread. Discussion can be about anything you like. :)
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  2. I'll start.
    For most of my life I measured close to 4.75 inches (+/- .15 inches). This has been a concern for more reasons than I care to address right now, but suffice it to say that I have had a few women tell me it was too small and looking at loads of porn left me feeling very inadequate.
    About a year or so ago, I measure and it was 4 1/2 inches. Never had it measured that short before!
    And, just a few days ago, I measured at 4 1/4 inches.

    Sorry if that is TMI, but that's the reality that I live with on a daily basis. And, for it to be shrinking is a very real concern. Honestly, I rarely measure anymore. I've accepted that its small, but every once in a while I get an inclination to bust out a ruler.

    Unfortunately, some of my posts about my size concerns and how it relates to my recovery have not been well recieved. I've had a few members post that they're sick of hearing about it. Some have even posted such sentiments on my profile. Measuring oneself and finding that they are a quarter inch shorter than they ever have been before is not a light matter. Where can I share about that if not on an online forum? Why should I be shamed into silence for sharing something personal about myself?

    Has anyone else been shamed into silence for daring to relate their very real struggles that directly relate to their porn and masturbation addiction?
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  3. {Ananta}

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    My Journal
    dont focus on short comings, focus on what your good at an become a master at that, lot of woman love recieving oral, plus sluts complain about pee pee size
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  4. I know right? But hey. Gotta convert my energy to different sources fam.
  5. I probably haven't measured my penis since for well over ten years, but I remember the measurement was always different and it seemed pretty impossible to get an accurate measurement. And as you probably know, width may be more "important" than length.

    I don't worry about my penis size, but from doing NoFap, my penis seems to feel thicker and heavier, possibly longer too. If yours has actually appeared to have shrunk a little, could it be related to a flatline? Perhaps when you get over flatline issues it will be a little bigger than before you started NoFap, or at least it will seem and feel that way.

    I've had a previous account or two here. I think the amount of trolls has increased nowadays, so I'm not surprised that you might have had insensitive replies.
  6. Update -
    I've had a few PMs from men who expressed genuine interest and/or qualification for the SPC. I'd love to see some of them post in this thread!
    If you are reading this, hopefully you will find comfort in knowing that there are others out there with similar challenges and maybe even a few brave enough to say (online) "Yes, I have a small penis and I'm not afraid to say it!"

    I could write volumes on the subject (some of my detractors here will say that I already have) and will probably write a lot more in this thread. For now, I will say this. In some ways I really like having a small penis. It feels right. Why try to change it? Why not embrace it? It's the only body that I have and it has served me well. My body temple is one with a small penis. Not tiny, but small. Perhaps feminine in a way or somewhat androgynous. Is not androgyny the ultimate balance of yin and yang?

    So, if your out there, speak up. Lets have a conversation about how having a small penis does not make you more or less of a man, rather a somewhat unique and totally worthwhile human being!
  7. Does anyone feel like having a small penis makes it more sensitive? Or, conversely, for any well endowed men reading do you feel like having a large one makes it less sensitive? I imagine that my penis is like a large clitoris - all of those nerve endings concentrated into a small area.

    I had an odd dream last night - about an older woman with extremely enlarged and engorged nipples and genitalia. I'll hold off on further details to avoid being triggering.

    It occurred to me as I reflected on it this morning, that I was associating this woman's genitalia with my own. The extreme arousal that I dreamt of totally reflected the arousal in my own body.

    Anyway, just checking in. I'm looking forward to reading posts from other members of the SPC :)
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  8. The Archangel

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    Even though I'm more or less 6 x 5 inches, I feel pretty small. I guess it's because guys in porn and in locker rooms (I'm a grower lol) make my dick look like tiny as hell and I have big hands lol. I've never been called small by girls (online), but I've never been called big either, they usually just call it nice and other bullshit. I heard penis extenders and pumps work for some people (if done correctly!! otherwise can cause extreme problems) and made them grow up to 2 inches longer, but I'm still a virgin and wont even consider it until I know whether or not my dick is big enough. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about your size because I've heard about guys with 3 inch penises who were able to satisfy many women because they knew what they were doing (wont get into detail because it could be too triggering for this site) which makes sense because women are able to please themselves with their fingers which obviously aren't that big. I've also heard about people with incredibly large penises (7-9 inches) who have many troubles in bed because they are TOO big and hurt or intimidate their partners. One time I was on chaturbate, one of the models whose had sex with penises of all sizes said that the smallest one was a lot better than the biggest one.

    I've probably shared too much info I'm a bit tipsy lmao.
  9. I am a fool. I too leaked my nudes on reddit. That was the worst thing I have ever done in my life.
    I'll put that aside that I got so many compliments. But I should have never done it.
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  10. Uriichi

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    Dude fuck size man, who cares...if she really loves you then she won't isn't about sex...its about being intimate with your partner. And how are you buy her things, you cuddle her, you make dinner for her u share your hobbies with her, you spend time with her, you make her feel special and loved... if after all that she complaining bout you missing 2 to 3 inches then she for the streets bro... think about it literally they are telling you that 2 to maybe 3 inches is a deal breaker 2 to 3 inches!!!! Fuck that you be happy and put your all in to showing her you love her mind body and soul
  11. GeeJ

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    I am sorry you struggle with this man.
  12. she-dernatinus

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    I think 4.75 inches isn't small at all. It's average, why do you think it's small ? Don't rely on the ridiculous standards created by porn. Most of it is pure plastic surgery.
    I already talked about this with you once. If I remember correctly. The reason you turned to sissy hypnosis and femdom is because you failed to achieve machismo. The root of your suffering isn't that you were raised around women, but it's the gender norms surrounding masculinity as a whole. And certainly, how your male peers viewed your behavior. They probably tried to make you feel inferior, and equated you to women. In their eyes, you didn't conform to any of the criteria they deeply attached to manhood.

    To you, womanhood represents more than a sexual counterpart. Of course you are attracted to women, and have sexual feelings about them, but they don't outshine other important aspects of your relation to womankind.
  13. she-dernatinus

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this "feminine" label really stuck with you for a long time. Enough to make you doubt yourself and your own biological gender. Rejecting machismo isn't something to feel shameful about. Quite the opposite, it's a gift in a sense. It means you have empathy for women, and possibly most people around you.

    If anyone talks about this glorified alpha male, that many believe is the epitome of masculinity. I cannot conceptualize anything other than a huge arrogant, aggressive, and insensitive a*hole. Another anecdote I had with this myth, is that one guy on this platform told me that all my pride and self-esteem will vanish once a "real alpha man" would step into my life. You can palp how toxic this mess really is, it only serves as a mental refuge for dudes who aren't ready to reconsider the old masculinity norms and/or have a deep resentement for women. This is hardly what will make me question myself.

    From my perception, and from many other girls', this is how they seem. And I bet you think there is nothing to glorify about them. Some women might be swayed by the superficial charm they project at first, but the longer their relation lasts the more they see how repulsive they truly are. It doesn't really matter how good-looking they might be or even how big their peepees are.

    Sorry, I went off topic for a while, but again you aren't small you are average. 12 cm is hardly small.
  14. I think of those types as toxic narcissists, and that guy you mention was especially honest about his narcissism here. He literally pointed out that he (or his idealised "real alpha man") wants to take away a woman's pride and self-esteem, in order to make his miserable self feel a little better, I assume.

    Personally I find it helpful to ignore concepts of "masculinity" and "femininity". Men can be a*holes, women can be a*holes. Spend less time with a*holes in general and more time with decent people, and make time for yourself.
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  15. she-dernatinus

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    He posted a thread in which he said, that women are instinctively drawn to him due to his physical appearance. Until now it's very normal. But later on, he tries to explain how his "alpha man" qualities along with his physical charm, gives him a free pass to do whatever he wants , and in any way he wishes to. He lived in his delusions, and in his eyes they were more real than reality itself. It's really weird and disturbing, at first it's hard to believe people like this actually exist.
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  16. she-dernatinus

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    I don't want to sound invasive. But why did you do so ? Were you interested in receiving compliments from women about your body ? Or your size ?
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  17. Both.
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  18. she-dernatinus

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    And did you feel validated when those women said you had a good-looking body ?
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  19. It's not about validation bro. I knew the answer what they were gonna to tell me. I got compliments from both, women and men (both gay and straight). Also, I don't take them seriously coz there are lots of fake IDs of woman.

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